The Unmotivation Singularity

Sounds like a great title for a science fiction story, doesn’t it?

But first, a picture of some blue sky… because I haven’t seen any for far too long, and there might not be any tomorrow …

Be still, my beating heart

Be still, my beating heart

We’re actually between two rain-storms dropping enormous amounts of rain on already sodden ground. Landslides and flooding abound … Interesting Times.

Back yard - because you can't have too much blue sky ... with sunbeams!

Back yard – because you can’t have too much blue sky … with sunbeams!

Back to this singularity …

Good old Vernor Vinge,  (he of the great ‘Vernor’s Law’ (for writers)  which states that ‘all scenes need to accomplish at least 2 of 3 things: 1 – Provide background information, 2 – Develop the Characters, and 3 – Advance the plot’) first popularised the concept of ‘the singularity’ in a 1993 essay, (definitely worth a read if you’re interested in such things) wherein he posited that it signaled the end of the human or ‘Anthropocene’ era where human interaction with technology advances far enough that what we currently understand as ‘being human’ will cease to exist. (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it)

My singularity was a little less … hmm .. grandiloquent. I have been singularly unmotivated to do anything, writing, blogging (just look at the last date I posted anything here) working on the Wunder-Lusters, cook, clean, or, on occasions, get out of bed.

I’m blaming it on the weather. Rain, to be precise. Four  months of unrelenting rain, broken only by momentary spells of not-rain.

See that photo of the Winter Tree at the top of this post? All that green stuff isn’t just grass, it’s grass sitting on top of ankle deep mud just waiting to suck down the unwary into it’s watery, sludgy depths.

As much as my intellect understands that living through extreme weather events is now an irreversible fact, my ability to engage with their subtler consequences dug in its heels and refused to budge.

My world became smaller and smaller, old habits, old expectations, based on decades, generations even, of ‘knowing’ what the weather was supposed to be like at this time of year, clung to me even as they were being scoured away by abrasive realities.

It didn’t help, of course, that what we’re planning to do with the Wunder-Lusters will turn just about every single aspect of our lives upside down as well. There was some serious digging in of heels there, let me tell you.

So there I was, circling the drain of ennui, inertia, and false expectations. Slowly, inexorably moving toward that point, that unmotivation singularity, where I’d … well, to put it bluntly, disappear up my own bum.

I didn’t, thankfully. And it wasn’t as though I was struck by some magical mystical bolt of cosmic goo, or a great revelation lit up the inside of my skull.

It was just… a moment, in time … that stayed with me for no longer that a single breath … and then, I was on the other side.

More blue sky, from the end of our road, and SNOW (If only we were three or four hundred meters higher - le sigh)

More blue sky, from the end of our road, and SNOW (If only we were three or four hundred meters higher – le sigh)

Upon re-reading, I see that I’ve confabulated my past and present tenses (bad writer) but really, it’s the singularity’s fault.

P,S, I’ll be waffling on, with more detail, about what we’re up to with the Wunder-Lusters in my next post.

The Cone of Surrealness Closes In

Cone of Surrealness

Cone of Surrealness

My world has narrowed to a singular event. From this rather unique perspective, all that has gone before fades into a rainbow-ish mist. Anything ahead is obscured by the singularity … slated to occur 7.30am tomorrow morning. I wish this was the human/A.I. singularity, that Vernor Vinge, among others has theorised, but alas, mine is a far more mundane and mortal one.

 Time has behaved differently these last few days too. It has slowed to a stately halt so that I’ve been tempted to get out and offer to push, and then it has moved so fast I’ve barely been able to hang on to its coat-tails.

All my previous encounters with general anesthetic, although bizarrely fascinating (consciously entering oblivion) have been in order to put something in my body to make it work better. This time we’re taking something out to achieve a similar result. For some reason this offends my sense of propriety.

I will see all of you on the other side, where my horizon will again stretch as far as my minds eye can imagine.


The last word goes to Vernor Vinge, whose Law, I think, applies not only to writing, but to life Herself: (I look forward to the advancement of my plot!)

“All scenes need to accomplish at least two of three things. 1 – Provide background information, 2 – Develop the Characters, and 3 – Advance the plot”Vernor Vinge, professor, scientist, science fiction writer.

Mortal Instinct Becomes a Business

Now that the creative process is over, it’s time to tend to business …

… Throughout that creative process and certainly over the past year or so since then, I’ve realised that my MS was at a particular stage. The one where you’re fairly certain that it’s really good, but terrified to actually send it out into the world to find out. During that time I’ve been collecting websites and url’s and useful bits of information that I filed under ‘marketing’… then forgot about most of them in the madness that was EDITING!!!!!

Came that fateful day in March of this year when I heard back from Eternal Press that they’d accepted my book for publication. Everything changed! … including the size of my ‘marketing’ file.

I vigorously followed up every lead I came across and added sub-files, like; Review Sites, LGBT Media Organisations, Blog Tours, Awards’, (yep, I’m entering Mortal Instinct into every award category it’s eligible for), Writer Festivals/Conferences, Guest Posts …

I had an overwhelming number of places where I could market/promote but no real strategy on how to go about it. Minor detail, I thought. Just start at the beginning and go from there. It’s a trait that has served me well in the past but has also left me with a few metaphorical, and actual, scars. You think I’d learn.

Having admitted that planning isn’t my strong suite, I decided, therefore, to lay out a plan of action.

 … long pause while I grappled with my plan …

I’ve had a couple of businesses in lives previous to being a writer, based on my creativity, either of the mind or the hands, and the realisation slowly grew that I had reached the end of Mortal Instinct’s creative cycle.

It was time to switch gears and treat it as a business. A business that had to generate an income stream. (which is probably one of the better definitions of ‘business’ I’ve heard)

I spent a day in total panic, opening all of my ‘marketing’ folders and files, and madly cutting-n-pasting, and deciding to do, this, and that, and the other, until my hair resembled an unholy union between Phyllis Diller and Albert Einstein!!!

Finally, I said to myself, “Self,” I always called myself, ‘Self’.

“Self,” I said. “This isn’t going to work.” Self agreed that I am a mistress of understatement.

“What will work is this,” I said to Self. “There’s no great rush as neither ‘Best Seller Lists’ nor Hollywood are beating down the door. Pick one promoting task per day, and do it.”

Self was delighted at this solution to her dilemma and, I’m pleased to report, has been doing exactly that ever since.

There’s one more result of Mortal Instinct becoming a business. Book 2 of the ‘Gallery’ series, Journey of ECHOS (working title) has now become the focus of my creative side.


“All scenes should/need to accomplish at least 2 of 3 things: Provide background information, develop the characters, and advance the plot” – Vernor’s Law – Vernor Vinge

Please visit my ‘Mortal Instinct’ page for more information on where to purchase Mortal Instinct

(I’m going to have to work on that sentence a little!)