A ‘Follow’ Too Far

The blogging world is strange. There are arcane rituals to be observed, and technological challenges to be overcome, but the most absurd and completely incomprehensible thing of it all is why some people choose to ‘follow’ us.

Take this young lad who just started following me. This is the opening sentence on his Gravatar profile …

‘I’m a social entrepreneur with a great passion for sustainable development and the natural environment.’

Seems perfectly ordinary, right?

There could be some possible venn diagram overlap between that and what I, and my blog, is all about … possibly … but then we come to the second sentence which begins like this …

‘Being that I’ve been naturally blessed with a Long and very Thick love-club …’ (capitalization his)

Me, for about five minutes while I read it. Also Mrs Widds as she read it

Things went downhill from there, like, a bad screenplay for a DIY porn video, downhill.

I’m guessing he didn’t read my ‘About Me’ page wherein I state I’m a Lesbian, and thereby have zero interest in man-clubs, of any thickness. I’m also guessing he didn’t read the tagline on my header which again uses the word ‘lesbian’.

So I say to you, young lad, this is not the way to win friends and influence people … especially lesbians.