A Bookish Post

Do you ever want to revisit old friends, of the book species, every now and again? I did the other evening, so I checked out my local library which only had it in audiobook form. (which is pretty cool when you think about it) So I went to my next go-to book resource, Amazon.

Lo and Behold, there it was, and free. This is a book by a gazillion selling author, and I though to my self, ‘Self, this is how you sell a series, (once you’ve got all or most of the books published) you make the first one free.’ So I immediately downloaded it onto my kindle for PC, and prepared to indulge … then I thought, ‘Self, what about the second book in the series?’

After more Lo-ing and Behold-ing, there it was, free as well.

Sadly the third book wasn’t, but you can’t have everything.

If you’d like to read a truly kick-ass, will-make-you-think, well written SF, woman-saves-the-universe military-ish series, and you like free ebooks, try ‘On Basilisk Station’, by David Weber. I know they’re free on the Zon.com and .ca., don’t know about elsewhere.

UPDATE: Looks like book 2, ‘The Honor of the Queen’ is off the freebie list – bugger.


Finally, I read a short story the other day and it enjoyed immensely except for one niggardly thing; one of the character’s complete misuse of Aussie slang. This is where Inigo Montoya would skewer them with the immortal words, “I don’t think that means what you think it means.”

For the love of all that you hold dear, if you don’t know what a slang word means, DON’T USE IT! You risk coming across as a pretentious idiot. Even if you think you know what it means, double check, that’s what the interwebz is for.

In the interests of sisterly … erm … sisterhood, I emailed the writer and politely offered up the correct slang term. She emailed me back with a chagrined, ‘workin’ on it’ and that she’d got quite a few such communiqués.

I cringed in sympathy for her, but as an author, I’d prefer to have a bunch of people letting me know such things, than no-one at all.


P.S. Finally saw Star Wars The Force Awakens – very much fun-ness. 🙂