Once Upon A Time …

… there were three very, very, little raccoons …

… who, with their mum, firmly herding them, scooted across our back garden, where Mrs Widds and I were having an afternoon cuppa, before the mosquitoes and drizzle drove us inside, yet again.

I’ll be honest, I’m loving these cooler temperatures and wildfire-smoke-free skies, but I’d like to see the sun and some blue sky, more than once a week.

Anyway there we were, peacefully sipping our beverages, coffee for Mrs Widds and tea for me, when Mrs Widds quietly squeaked, she seldom squeaks, quietly or otherwise, so I looked in the direction she was squeaking toward.

The three little brown fluffballs accompanied by Mdme Raccoon completely ignored us as they traversed the scruffy lawn, which was in dire need of mowing, but the deal was when the sun decided to shine for two consecutive days then, and only then, would I haul out our ancient lawnmower and do the deed.

I was so enamoured of this raccoonish close encounter that I simply beamed at them and raised my cuppa in salute to what was obviously one of their first outings into the wide world.

They soon disappeared behind the neighbour’s shed to further their adventures elsewhere, or so I thought.

Mrs Widds squeaked again, and I had presence of mind, this time to dash inside and get my trusty cellphone/camera, while Mrs Widds kept me informed of the little darling’s peregrinations.

It turned out that the day’s adventures were over and the three baby raccoons were on their way to bed in … well, you’ll see.

(these are the best of the shaky and blurry shots I managed to get without having my glasses on)

Mdme Raccoon - "This way children." #1 - "I wanna go this way" #2 - "Ooooh, what's that over there?" #3 - "I think I trod in something disgusting ... and tasty."

Mdme Raccoon – “This way children.”
#1 – “I wanna go this way”
#2 – “Ooooh, what’s that over there?”
#3 – “I think I trod in something disgusting … and tasty.”

Mdme R - "Well, alright, you can stay up for five more minutes." #1 - "I think I heard a ghost. I'll come in now."

Mdme R – “Well, alright, you can stay up for five more minutes.”
#1 – “I think I heard a ghost. I’ll come in now.”

#2 - "Me too." #3 - "Well, I'm not staying out here all by myself, even though I'm not scared or anything." Mdme R - "Follow me then, and no dawdling."

#2 – “Me too.”
#3 – “Well, I’m not staying out here all by myself, even though I’m not scared or anything.”
Mdme R – “Follow me then, and no dawdling.”

#2 - "Do you believe in ghosts?" #3 - "Nah."

#2 – “Do you believe in ghosts?”
#3 – “Nah.”

#2 - I think I'll go in anyway. It's getting a bit chilly."

#2 – I think I’ll go in anyway. It’s getting a bit chilly.”

#3 - "Wuss."

#3 – “Wuss.”

#3 – “Um, well, I guess I’ll go in too.”

All quiet, up on the roof

All quiet, up on the roof

In the grand scheme of things three little babies might not be important, but given the state of the grand scheme of these days, the adventures of three little babies just might be the most important thing ever.

Cue ‘Up On The Roof’ made famous by The Drifters, and of course, written by Carole King