Old Year/New Year Lists, and What I’m Doing Instead

Widder in the Winterland Tree

Widder in the Winterland Tree

List lists here, list lists there, here-a-list, there-a-list, everywhere a list list. Some of them have been wonderful, (you know who you are) and some – not so much. (I suspect they also know who they are)

I did toy with the idea of listing the 10 worst ‘goodbye 2012/hello 2013’ lists I could find, but the thought reading enough of them to make the list meaningful sent me cowering into a corner.

So …

In true widdershins, deosil, counter-clockwise, outside the box, beyond the pale, fashion, this is what I’m going to do … borrow this meme from Michelle Hodkin called ‘First Sentences Written in 2013’   ( which I found via Kat Howard and her ‘Strange Ink’ blog)

My first sentences this year, came from a phrase inspired by the Widdercat. She is old, ancient, and set in her ways. We’ve known each other for nigh on nine years and only in the last few months has she decided I might be an acceptable hugs substitute for Mrs Widders. (the two of them have been together since Adam was a rib!)

I feel I have finally achieved ‘runner-up cat staff-hood’!


From ‘The Runner-up Cat Staff’ … possibly a short story, possibly otherwise.

‘Sarah and I exchanged the kind of look that kindred spirits share when in the presence of abysmal mediocrity.

There’s no way, conveyed Sarah’s raised eyebrow.

No matter how much they shave off, I responded with a curl of my top lip, she will not fit.’


… your turn …


“When I started in the business, there was a thing called adult fantasy, but nobody quite knew what it was, and most publishers didn’t have a fantasy list. They had science fiction lists, which they stuck a little bit of fantasy into”Terri Windling, Author, Editor, Artist, Essayist


P.S. A possibly unanswerable question: Why is it that the moment the toilet blocks up, you suddenly, inexplicably, (and with no connection to how you were feeling only a few moments ago) really, really, REALLY have to go?