Midsummer Chills and the Pyramid

At the beginning of May we had a week of summer temperatures, and at the beginning of June we had three consecutive days where the sun managed to break through the cloud cover for more than a few fleeting minutes.

These are the ‘interesting’ times we now live in, and which will continue to get more ‘interesting-er’ as the seasons progress.

The seedlings I started in pots and carton-halves in the patio are only now strong enough to go out into the gardens. I will tend them as I can, but their survival is uncertain.

The beans and climbing cardinals, (I have no idea what they actually are but the flowers looked pretty on the seed packet) will be going into a new garden that Mrs Widds and I constructed, in between rainshowers and thunderstorms.

Baby beans ...

Baby beans …

... and baby cardinals

… and baby cardinals

Our little rented house on an island in the middle of a lake is a duplex. Since the new owners took possession four-ish years ago, the other half of has remained vacant except for their infrequent flying visits, so we basically have the yard to ourselves.

A previous tenant had build a firepit with old bricks, but it soon degenerated into a pile of ash and weeds. In order to do some sort of gardening this season I decided to take it in hand.

First there was the removal of bricks and weeds …

… to reveal a decent heap of ash, most of which we removed to the compost heap, then rebuilt the soil with compost and sandy topsoil. Then it was time to assemble the required tools …

An assortment of dried bamboo sticks ...

An assortment of dried bamboo sticks …

Scissors, a ball of old wool, and duct tape - a gardeners best friend

Scissors, a ball of old wool, and duct tape – a gardeners best friend

… and construct this …

I stopped stringing the wool halfway down to plant the seedlings

I stopped stringing the wool halfway down to plant the seedlings

Look at that craftswomanship!!!

Look at that craftswomanship!!!

Here are the babies, all snug and sound in their new home ...

Here are the babies, all snug and sound in their new home …

That white stuff on the ground isn’t snow, (although the high passes to the interior just north-east of us did get a bit of a fall for Summer Solstice) it’s crushed eggshells, to ward off slugs. They don’t appreciate all those sharp edges …. bwhahahahaha …

The sun graced us with her presence yesterday so I took advantage of the light for the final shot.

... and now we wait

… and now we wait


13 Degrees of Separation

Brief review of the past week or two – The season of weekends being consumed by family marriages seems to be over, at least until the next generation grow up. The dying Widdershins cat, didn’t. The visiting sister-in-law has gone home. The Widdershins Lake water level appears to have stabilised at its seasonal peak. Summer Solstice has come and gone.

Future optimism – Time and space for long writing sessions spread out in all directions. I had it all planned out … wallowing in a summery season of intense writing and writerly endeavours and summery sun …

Reality bites – And what am I doing? Shivering in front of a heater, wrapped in way too many layers of clothing!

Rhetorical Question – Why, oh Why, is my thermometer telling me it’s 13° (55°F) outside, in the middle of a summer’s day?

Unanswerable questions – Am I experiencing a temporal geographical phenomena? Has Higgs Boson decided to rearrange all things climatic? Or, are more insidious forces at work?

Concluding statement – My ghast has never been so flabbered. This is ridonkulous!


“ Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while” Kin (Frank McKinney) Hubbard, – humourist and journalist.

Horseshoes and Bananas

Good News

I’ve heard from my publisher. I now have an editor who’s working on (I hope) my manuscript. Not that I’ve heard from the editor yet. Baby steps, baby steps! This may be a ruse to lull me into a false sense of relaxation so that when I receive my MS back covered in red ink (metaphorical – this is the digital age after all) I won’t faint completely away. Not that a Widdershins would ever faint away. Not at all.

I came across this wonderful site today. It has nothing to do with writing but everything to do with tying knots!  It’s an illustrated manual on how gazillions of knots work. I spent a few hours this morning just browse … erm … researching. Wanna bet you won’t be tempted to find a piece of rope/string/wool/anything and try at least one?

Now for something else completely different.

I was a baby dyke in OZ when ABBA became popular. Remember them? For some unknowable reason they achieved mega-super-stardom in Australia. Personally, I liked them because the tunes were catchy, I could hear the lyrics, (Widdershins’ hearing was never what it used to be) Frida and Agnetha were HOT and wore jumpsuits with a whole lotta bling!

One of the celebrity magazines of the day ran a poll, which asked this blindingly objective question: Who is bigger, Abba or the Beatles?

I was young and impressionable, and didn’t realise that it was a trick question by the grown-ups, who knew that most of the people who would vote would’ve only heard of the Beatles by reading the album covers in their parents LP collection. It was like comparing horseshoes and bananas. If I’d been as immersed in the Beatles music as I was in Abba’s then perhaps my answer might’ve included a long tirade on the inequity of the whole question.

It’s like trying to compare Madonna or Lady Gaga with the Beatles or Beethoven.

Horseshoes and bananas.

That’s what I’m discovering a bit of as I wander among the myriad paths in the land of Self-publishing. There’s a swarm of ways to publish on-line. (a search for ‘e-publishing companies’ revealed 64.3 million results in 0.16 seconds! – and by the time you read this it’ll probably have bred several million more) And so many hints, tips, and how-to’s that I’m not even game to look at the stats.

Horseshoes and Bananas.

But here’s the thing. No matter which horseshoe or banana you choose, you have to have a product to throw at the horseshoe or banana of your choice.

We are now right at Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, (Random question; if you travelled to another planet how would you know which way was north or south?) and I’ve decided that by the time Winter Solstice comes around I will have completed the final draft of Book 2 of the ‘Gallery’ series. I also want to have the complete first draft of ‘Stevenson and Gallagher’ my historical mystery series (set right here in Vancouver!) under my belt as well.

By then I just might have enough information to choose which horseshoe or banana to run with.


“Everyone told me to pass on Speed’ because it was a ‘bus movie.'” Sandra Bullock