Summertime on Widder Island

A breezy Summer time on Widderlake

A breezy Summer time on Widderlake


A bucolic scene of domestic writerly bliss – WidderCat snoozing in Widder’s arms as she attempts to answer emails, comment on blogs, make tea, write, etc, one-handed.

Time passes and Widder’s arm gets tired. WidderCat sleeps on, occasionally flexing her claws.

Then, WidderCat, long gone from cuddles, suddenly reappears, sniffing around the shelves to the immediate left of Widder where all the computer cables are.

Widder looks at WidderCat suspiciously.

WidderCat peers at dark under-shelf spaces suspiciously.

WidderCat has not exhibited this behaviour for quite some time.

 … A black small-rodent sized critter streaks under the computer desk, millimeters from Widders naked toes, closely followed by WidderCat.

Widder thinks, RAT!!!!! … recovers her composure and rushes to shut WidderCat in the bedroom – the last thing she needs is a really, really, terrified black small-rodent sized critter being chased around the house by a vengeful cat.

She uses her blackboard (storyboard – 900mmx600mm – roughly 3’x4’) and other flat objects to block access to kitchen (and the rest of the house – ‘cos the last thing she needs is to be chasing a black small-rodent sized critter around the house) and starts moving objects to encourage black small-rodent sized critter to head toward the open front door.

Black small-rodent sized critter seizes it’s moment and bolts out the front door, skitters around the side of the house and vows never to return.

WidderCat is released from her incarceration and remains in ‘search and destroy’ mode until nap-time. (she is 93 after all)


I noticed early on the black small-rodent sized critter was a half grown squirrel, but revealing that would’ve spoiled a good story.


“… thus it stands to reason that there are many benefits to being able to circle a branch at lightning speed” – Squirrel Medicine, from Jamie Sams