Happy Birth Day, Sweet Sixteen

Twenty-sixteen that is!

Here we go! … brand new year full of brand new stuff from Widder Island … and musings, and occasional visiting cat photos.


Greetings to the bunch of people who started following this blog at the end of December, you know, after I posted that I wasn’t going to post anything until the new year. Seriously though, welcome and I hope you enjoy the ride.

I wonder at what point in the Golden Age of rock-n-Roll (everything before 1970) did someone decide that a female human is officially ‘available’ the moment she turns sixteen? Fifteen is off-limits but after that she’s fair game?

Was it a reaction to the buttoned-up fifties and the concerted effort to put women, and by extension girls, back in the home at the end of WWII?


It seems our pernicious grammarian continued their dastardly actions and picked on the entire Phryne Fisher series. They grow bolder by the book, not content to merely correct historical data, they are now taking thesaurus-ing to a whole ‘nuther level. Mrs Widds has post-it noted an entire book (8 ‘edits’ and counting) and we’ll let our Librarian know. (not this sort of Librarian, but I bet they sometimes wish they could be)

I have to ask myself, what has this person got against Phryne?


I guess not much has changed since that ‘golden age, eh? …