They Don’t Write ‘Em Like This Anymore … Do They?

I usually have my favorite music streaming site playing in the background when I’m writing. It’s called AccuRadio, and this afternoon was no exception. I’d discovered one of their new ‘channels’ they’d put together called, ‘Melodies and Memories Plus Country’, a rather eclectic mix of songs from the 40’s through to the 70’s.

So, I’m typing away when the dulcet tones of Patsy Cline (I wonder why plane crashes took so many performers of her era?) drew my attention from the dire straights my characters were currently experiencing having been marooned on a derelict O’Neil Cylinder. (let’s be honest for a moment, they brought it on themselves)

It was something about the lyrics Patsy was warbling that prompted me to check out the song title, because I didn’t have my wizz-bang blue hearing aids in at the time and I mightn’t’ve heard correctly.

But no, I’d heard true.

I laughed out loud because Country Music might not have cornered the market in unusual song titles, but I’m fairly certain only Country Music could’ve produced a broken-hearted love song outta this…

For your listening pleasure, I now present Patsy Cline, singing, Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray!