Mrs Widds And The Solar Panels

We decided we needed another week to finish off all the projects that the inclement (and I use that term with no small amount of irony) weather delayed. Lawns to mow that required at least one day without rain, and other assorted outside final maintenance tasks, that sort of thing.

Lo and behold, today was the 2nd day in a row without rain. We don’t count showers anymore. There’s no point.

I mowed the front lawn for the last time, ever! I’ve been mowing that lawn every Spring, Summer, and Autumn, for ten years. If I never have to mow a lawn again it will be too soon.

And Mrs Widds … remember that video I did a little while back where we tested our solar panels? … and we had a power outage immediately after?

Well, today was the day she installed one of them on our RV roof!

I think she likes it up there ... however, note those looming dark clouds

I think she likes it up there … however, note those looming dark clouds

She did an absolute bang-up job, and I love her to bits, and back together again.

The view from the roof

The view from the roof

Our new departure date is the 7th, and although rain is forecast from now until then, we’ll be able to finish everything in spite of it.

And I’ll never have to mow that lawn again!


Halcyon Blue Skies And Solar Panel Musings

I don’t know how its been in your neck of the woods but the weather around here has been bloody awful of late. It’s either warmish, (a relative term given that we’re still in the midst of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere) and pouring with rain, (everything turns to mud) or freezing (quite literally) cold, with the wind blowing a hoolie, and clear-ish skies.

Today’s sky was full of gorgeous blueness from horizon to horizon with nary a puff of cloud to be seen, so out into the back yard we trotted to set up one end of our solar system to make sure all the shiny new bits and pieces connected to each other where they ought to be connected.

We’ll do a trial run of the whole system, with the inverter and batteries, etc, on the next (warmer) sunny day that might choose to grace these Western Shores.

To be thusly energy self-sufficient (and self-contained, along with our little back-up generator) is a large step forward on our Wunder-Lusters journey. We can’t (none of us can) afford to rely on any existing infrastructure to be available where and when we need it.

… 7.30pm. (5 hours later) …

… I’m now writing by lights connected to our system of loooong extension cords connected to our generator, because it’s freezing cold, the night sky’s as clear as a bell, gale-force winds are whistling through the eaves, which knocked out the electricity two hours ago – and counting …

… don’t’cha just love serendipity! …

… no internet wi-fi or cellphone hotspots either. The wind must’ve taken out the cellphone tower …

I don’t mind being disconnected from the world, but I’d like it to be on my terms, thank you very much.


Perhaps I ought to think about sacrificing a virgin, with appropriate lustrations, to the ethers …

… couldn’t find enough virgins, or lustrations …


Eureka! Lo, and Behold, Light hath returned!

Now, where was I?

(** goes forth to take care of all the things that have been put on hold for the last four hours**)

… Right, I’m back … but it’s still too damn cold. (one tiny space heater does not a whole house heat) It’s hot water-bottles for me, and a nightcap, (tea, of course, what did you think I meant, hmm?) in bed.

My cuppa and I, wish you all goodnight.