Road Trip: A Few Stats and Our First Adventure

We’re baaaaack!

Long Winding Road

Long. Winding. Road


31 days

5 provinces. 1 state

10,000 kilometers

17 campsites

Mosquito bites: Me – 1,964,281 … Mrs Widds – 2

Roadworks – The entire length of Hyw 17 from the BC/Alberta border to the Manitoba/Ontario one. (only a slight exaggeration)

Bridges under construction – Every bridge in Ontario. (no exaggeration)

Another valley, another bridge

Another valley, another bridge

Gigantic humongous scary storms – 6

Biggest variation of temperature in a 24 hour period in one place – 37°C to 17°C

Times we forgot to chock the wheels of the RV – 1, setting up our 2nd last campsite, and that was the time it rolled a bit and crunched the leveling jacks. (of course) Nothing our trusty RV fixer-uppers can’t fix,  but oh, the embarrassment!

You can't see it but they bent one of my flippers

You can’t see it but they bent one of my flippers

Moments of complete awe and wonder – too many to count

Arguments – none


The Costco Adventure – Day 1

Because we didn’t get our trailer until two days before we left we had very little time to acquaint ourselves with how everything worked, or to stock up on holiday supplies, so our first plan of action was to trundle our merry way to our Costco and shop.

The trailer brakes didn’t seem to be working properly from the very beginning, (we thought) so by the time we got to Costco (½ an hour from home) we decided to call our RV guys and see if they had any suggestions. The safety chains were a bit tight so Mrs Widds (with a great deal of Mrs Widds patented glaring) got them undone, untwisted and reattached, and we set off …

… and got 10 meters along. A very loud BANGCRUNCH!!! rattled our truck completely freaking us out. The hitch attaching the trailer to our truck completely separated from the truck and our lovely shiny trailer was smack down on her nose in the Costco parking lot.

If you know anything about trailers and hitches, you’ll know this doesn’t happen without deliberate human interference. Someone had removed the cotter pin that locked the hitch in place. From the moment we left home we were a major accident waiting to happen. It was only the tight safety chains, and Costco, that prevented us from being a statistic on your nightly news.


By the end of the second day, we were here, so all was … well, neither forgiven nor forgotten, but a whole lot better, and we felt like we were really on holiday.

Mt Robson, the beautiful

Mt Robson, the beautiful


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