Spanish Flea

I had a completely indulgent day today.

I had the house to myself.

I stayed in bed, all day, reading and sipping tea.

Because Winter has finally taken the plunge into the minus temperatures, (and it’s finally stopped raining, for a few days at least) I had a little fan heater to keep the chills at bay. (we don’t use the built-in bar heaters in the bedrooms – little cottage, not necessary – and when we do the entire place smells like scorched dust bunnies! … so the fan heater steps up to the plate when the occasion arises)

I was reading book 9 in the Mary Russell series by Laurie King – a fabulous take on the Sherlock Holmes mythos … and Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman – a 7 book series that I haven’t read since they were first released thirty years ago. I don’t usually read more than one book at a time, but it was a Day of Indulgence, so I did!

I was listening to my favourite music streaming channel, AccuRadio, when on a whim I did a search of their ‘Chill’ category, and came across their ‘Lounge/Exotica’ playlist, (which is an let’s call it ‘eclectic’, collection, I’ve listened to a few times) and what should be the first song off the rank but this.

If nothing else I hope it puts a smile on your dial …