Did You Hear The One About The Two Lesbians Who Wanted To Build A Shed?

At the beginning of Summer, before the heat and the smoke and the ‘chitis, Mrs Widds and I decided we needed a little extra space for our treasures. We’re a pair of country gals at heart and have accumulated a country farmhouse, a large country farmhouse, worth of tools, equipment, stuff that we use seasonally, etc. This in itself isn’t a problem but we have a very little wooden shed and a very little two-bedroom cottage to store it all in. (the views here on Widder Lake are wonderful, but you can’t store stuff in a view)

A bench with a Widder Lake view

The solution to our dilemma was to get another shed.

Our local Lowes (hardware warehouse store) had sheds on sale, so we bought one.

It arrived like this …

Not quite what we had in mind

To be fair, we knew we’d have to put it up ourselves, but we were a couple of handy-dykes who had all the right tools for the job. How hard could it be?

The essentials – nuts, bolts, tea, a good book, a potplant …

After the tea was drunk, we got down to business.

Step 1 – study instruction manual carefully

That instruction manual was the most concise one I have ever read. I was shocked. Had to have a restorative cuppa tea to steady my nerves!

At last we were ready to take the shed pieces out of the box!

Mrs Widds knew which bit went where. I blinked, a lot

All good things start at the bottom …

If it’s all square from the beginning it’s square all the way up, theoretically

Then we huffed and puffed and figured out how to match the right panels, and connect the end-y bits to other end-y bits.

Corners!!! … If you look closely at the bottom right and left corners of this photo you’ll see several small tomato plants. This was the beginning of our summer veggie garden.

In a previous life I used to be an architectural drafter. The detail in the diagrams in the manual were the stuff dreams are made of.

The brass screws didn’t look half bad either


We walked inside and gazed in awe at how much space there was. We could almost imagine it full of … stuff.

All the walls!!!

And that’s as far as we got before the Summer of the Year of WTF-uckery set its teeth into us.

But let us not dwell on the past for it is forgotten. (and if it ever comes back I shall blow it to smithereens!!! … but I’m not holding a grudge)

No cranky feelings here!

Some months later …

The gable ends. Check out the tomatoes. Grown a bit haven’t they?

Roof beams

It got a tad warm attaching the roof sheeting in 34° heat

It got a tad warm attaching the roof sheeting in 34° heat

We have roof!!!

All that remained was to install the doors and to move the entire structure back a meter into it’s final resting place … which surprisingly, wasn’t as awkward as moving the unopened box of shed bits when we began.

There! Isn’t she a thing of beauty?

So, in response to the question I posed in the title of this post – we did it. 🙂