Dratted Nifl’s

The other day I wrote a comment on a friend’s blog that began thusly: ‘…nifl would also like for …

Where the hell did ‘nifl’ come from?

I type with both hands engaged on the keyboard, (my little fingers are usually back-ups but they are diligent none-the-less) and for some reason I’ve never got the hang of touch typing. Mrs Widds can type like a Gatling gun and never once look down from her screen to check if her fingers are on the right keys. I on the other hand, only look up from the keys at the end of a thought, paragraph or some other appropriate pausing place, (like now) and correct any obvious errors. When I’m on a roll, clangers are rare, mostly it’s a couple of transposed letters.

I tend to be more vigilant when I’m commenting on blogs, because in general  it’s a much faster thought process. I read the post, have a reaction/response, write it in the space provided and move on.

I suspect that I typed my comment and then without checking where my cursor was.

Not only have I created another word to go into my ‘Names for Characters’ folder, I can now lay claim to the admonition to watch your ‘nifl’s’ when typing!


“To this day, I get rewrite offers where they say: ‘We feel this script needs work with character, dialogue, plot and tone,’ and when you ask what’s left, they say: ‘Well, the typing is very good.’”John Sayles, who wrote and directed, ‘Lianna’