Awards Season

Widdershinsmask Among the ButtercupsWe’ve had five glorious days of Spring sunshine here in the Lower Mainland. This is notable because this area, climatically speaking, is a rainforest!

Lawnmowers are buzzing in the distance like a swarm of Steampunked bees. Daffs are blooming in the garden like there’s no tomorrow. A few geese and ducks have landed on Widderlake as they follow the sun back to their usual haunts far to the North. No trumpeter swans yet, but I have my binoculars at the ready.

Our neighbours must think we’re a little bonkers. Last Autumn Mrs Widders and I regularly stood on our front lawn (too many trees in the back yard to see much of anything) and got kinks in our necks watching huge flocks of ducks, geese, and swans drift across the southern sky.

We haven’t been pooped on yet this year, but I have high hopes! It’s good luck.


This last week I’ve received two blog-ly awards, which given how blegghh I’ve been feeling about having cancer, have brightened up my days! Combine that with the sunshine and I’ve got a cheery that’s putting the daffs to shame.

First, a ‘Sunshine’ Award (appropriate, yes?) from Leah at AuthorTeaserReadings  

Sunshine Award

As I usually do, I’m going to answer the questions and leave the passing-it-forward to anyone who wishes to play. However, if you wish to uncover a few more juicy morsels about the Widder, (cue dramatic musical overture!) read on.

The usual suspects … erm … questions:

1 – What inspired you to start blogging?

For a writer in particular, blogs are an incredible multi-purpose tool. They teach us the discipline of deadlines, even if they are self-imposed. Now that the world of the gatekeepers is fracturing, it behooves us as writers to blow our own trumpets as loud and tastefully, of course, as we can. A blog as well as a social media platform is the best way to do that. I wanted to have an online platform to not only showcase my writing, but my world as well.

2 – How did you come up with the name for your blog?

It had to be something that included my name, well, my Nom de Voyage, for the above-mentioned branding purposes, had to include something science fiction-y, that was catchy and worked with the graphics I wanted to use.

3 – What is your favourite blog to read?

Heh, heh, I’ll pass on that one. I read a great many for many different reasons; writing ones, publishing/self publishing ones, other writers adventures, science and technology, lesbian ones, political ones, etc … all reflect facets of my life and what interests me.

4 – Tell me about your dream job?

This is it. Writing. I would however, like to generate a significantly higher income in the not-too-distant future.

5 – Is your glass half empty or half full?

Two different perspectives of the same glass, eh? There’s a third option, and that is what’s in the glass. Now there’s an interesting question!

6 – If you could go anywhere for a weeks vacation, where would you go?

Right now, somewhere where there were NO interruptions. Only me and my computer (without an internet connection) so I could finish up a dozen different writing projects that are squishing out in all sorts of challenging directions. And I’d probably stretch it out for a month!

7 – What food can you absolutely not eat?

Raw onions. Love ‘em, but my Anglo-Saxon digestive system refuses to have anything to do with them.

8 – Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

I know it’s not really chocolate, but white chocolate all the way.

9 – How much time do you spend blogging?

I’m going to assume that means how long do I take to write each post – It depends on each one. Sometimes the topic requires a lot of research and I’m a pushover for Wikipedia and Youtube links that link to other links … and an evening has just disappeared! But, on average, about an hour, to write the first draft, and another hour, maybe two, editing and getting the post to look readable.

10 – Do you watch TV – if so, what are some of your favourite shows?

No TV at all, but I do watch some shows via the interwebz. A couple of wonderful Canadian shows, ‘Bomb Girls’  and ‘Lost Girl’. The truly magnificent British drama, ‘Last Tango in Halifax’.  It only had a short 6 episode season in 2012, but they’re starting filming a full season in June this year so hopefully we’ll be seeing episodes by the Fall. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for the ever enchanting ‘Calzona.’ I also occasionally indulge in rewatch (or first-watch if I haven’t seen the show) sprees, the most recent one being Battlestar Galactica’,  the re-imagined one. (I love this link. It goes to a website that’s got lots of fun stuff from both series)


The Second award – Epic Awesomeness! – from W.R.Woolf and her whimsically titled blog – ‘A Bolg!’

Epically Awesome Award

Share 10 facts about myself:

1 – I’ve lived in three countries of the British Commonwealth.

2 – I am legally married to my wife.

3 – I’m right handed, but I eat left-handed. I can swing a golf club both ways (heh, heh) but never hit the ball.

4 – I taught myself how to knit, crochet, and swim. (not in that order)

5 – I have thyroid cancer, but it’s not going to kill me.

6 – I am a Shaman

7 – I used to play guitar in a band.

8 – I haven’t seen or heard from my family of origin in over twenty-five years.

9 – I have Amarula cream liqueur in my half-full glass.

10 – I am blessed with a wonderful circle of online and offline friends.


“I never met a chocolate I couldn’t eat” Danielle Steel, novelist