Kilauea Eruption at Fissure #8

If you haven’t been following the volcanic eruption in Hawai’i (or even if you have) this video will give you a sense of the sheer scale of the lava flow.

Watch for the houses near the sides of the flow, and take a moment to be in awe of Mother Nature. Then there’s the USGS (United States Geological Survey) person who ventures out onto the lava field, up close and personal, to do something video-y or measurement-y …

… and this is where all that magma (below ground) and lava (above ground) originates, well, several hundred meters (100 meters=328 feet) underneath this wee hole in the ground …

I doubt I’ll get the opportunity to witness (even if it’s through the camera lenses of others) an event like thisĀ ever again in my lifetime.

I’ve stood on the tops of mountains, at the edges of oceans, walked across sand dunes that touched the sky. I’ve breathed smoke from wildfires, and the ionised air of giant thunderstorms. And now through this medium that is sometimes as brutal as it is magnificent, I can also witness a volcanic eruption.

How cool is that!