The Next Big Thing

Widderlake WillowTree

Widderlake WillowTree

Many thanks to Jennifer, of ‘Cosmic Driftwood’ fame,  and her post ‘The Next Big Thing, – 8 degrees F Style,  wherein she picks me to be ‘it’!

This is how it’s supposed to work …

1 – Thank and link to the person who picked me – Done

2 – Pick someone to be the next ‘it’ – There are quite a few folk who read my blog that I know have a Next Big Thing on their horizons, so, you’re all ‘it’.

3 – Answer these questions:

What is the working title of your new project? Where do your ideas come from? What genre do you write? Cat-person or dog-person? What’s a one-word description of yourself? Will your work be self-published or traditionally published? How long does it take you to write a first draft? Whose work would you compare yours within your genre? Who are your favourite writers? What else might pique a readers interest?

Done? – Not so much.

In fact not gonna do it at all. Well … sort’a, kind’a, because I have to preface it a bit, ramble on, take a few steps sideways, and doh-see-doh along another pathway.

I’m outlining another novel. A big, challenging stretch-Widder-as-a-writer novel, that, no matter how hard I try, refuses to be shoehorned into a SF genre. (in this case, SF stands for Speculative Fiction)  I could add gratuitous SF but that would be cheating.

It’s not going to be a SF novel.

This got me to thinking about branding.# How I brand myself as a Writer, and how I’ve branded this blog.

That subtitle, up there, just underneath the name of my blog, is my brand.

“Writing Lesbian Science Fiction and Fantasy since the 20th Century”.

Which translated, means; I am a Lesbian. I am a Writer. I write Science Fiction and Fantasy, and I’ve been doing it for quite a while.

I’ve ambled along those lines with my posts as well. Occasionally writing about something I’m passionate about, (ranting) or what’s happening in my life, my writing, my world, and I’ve brought almost everything back to either writing or SF stuff.

These things won’t change, but I’m about to add another layer to what I post. Not so much changing direction, more like shifting the goalposts, my brand, a little.

What that layer is, I’m not exactly sure. It’ll evolve as I go along. These things usually do.

With this new novel, (working title: ‘Dedication Page’) I’m officially branching out into other genres … which caused me to have long internal, and external, conversations about using ‘Widdershins’ as my nom-de-voyage for these alternate adventures … but that’s another story.

As for those questions at the beginning of this post? I’ll answer the one that a pair of intensely staring yellow eyes is strongly advising me to answer … cat personcatpersoncatperson!

P.S. I’m going to do a little interior decorating too!


“My name became a brand, and I’d love to say that was the plan from the start. but the only plan was to keep writing books. And I’ve stuck to that ever since”John Grisham, author, lawyer, politician


# Excellent post about branding at ‘The Creative Penn’: Branding for Writers: An Essential Step to Building Your Author Platform

# And the lighter side of branding from Holly Robinson in HuffPost Canada


Danger! Iceberg Ahead!

HUGE!!! Iceberg on Widderlake

HUGE!!! Iceberg on Widderlake

This recent cold spell resulted in a phenomenon I’d never seen before. Perhaps to Northern hemisphere dwellers it might seem like just another winter’s day, but for someone who’s experience of monochromatic landscapes has been drought baked deserts  or bushfire charcoal plains, the sight of an entire lake of frozen water left me with a sense of magical wonderment that’s difficult to articulate.

Widderlake is frozen!

Only tiny patches of open water remain

Only tiny patches of open water remain

The ice isn’t very thick, certainly not thick enough to walk on. This is the Lower Mainland after all – a little patch of rainforest tucked up against mighty Pacifica – but still enough to take my breath away. When the snow started falling and turn it into a giant white Portal to the Great Mystery, I found myself laughing and crying with the joy of it all.

Fun fact about the Pacific Ocean: If you look at a globe of the world, the Pacific Ocean almost covers an entire hemisphere.

Imagine if humans had evolved as an aquatic species … our world might be called ‘Ocean’ instead of ‘Earth’ …and think of the size of our backyard. Last time I checked our little blue planet was 30% dry dirt and 70% water … Hmmm … I feel a story coming on.

Before I go … I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jennifer Mason-Black of ‘Cosmic Driftwood’  (great name for a writer’s blog!) in the game of ‘Next Big Thing’ spin-the-bottle.

As most of my regular readers know, I tend to pass on these taglings, or change the ‘rules’ significantly. This time is no different … I decided to do it, (and change the rules – of course) because … the timing ties in wonderfully with a big adventure I’m about to undertake. Not being one who lets W.O.O.s# pass me by unopened, I decided to Carpe the Diem.

This Thursday, (31st) all will be revealed!


“I’m an Irish Catholic and I have a long iceberg of guilt!” Edna O’Brian, poet, playwright, novelist


# W.O.O. – Window Of Opportunity