Cornucopia IV

I reckon all indie and small publishing companies ought to at least take a squiz (Aussie slang for ‘look’) at this blog,  Ebook Bargains UK Blog.  Don’t let that ‘UK’ bit fool you. This blog is about the global ebook picture. There are more things in heaven and earth than Amazon and the US markets. (to not-quite mangle the Bard

Also for Indie authors … IndieReCon starts tomorrow. (25th February) Check out the Presenters.  Plus they have a Grand Prize and giveaways,  and … everything!

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I knew it. The Kitteh Revolution has begun – they didn’t need to grow opposable thumbs after all!


To celebrate our third straight day of snow here on Widder island, (there’s about 40cm –16-ish inches – right outside my window) here’s a video that did the rounds during the festive season just past … also perfect for a snowy Monday in February …



IndieReCon BadgeIt’s day 2 of the IndieReCon everything about self-publishing extravaganza, and I’m having a ball!

The highlight of the Con, so far? … A vlog conversation/interview between Joanna Penn and  CJ Lyons. If you want to hear from someone who’s made it, and why they’ve made it, as an indie author, this is a great place to start.

I’m taking copious notes and getting all fired up. This year is it!


“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained” Marie Curie, 1867-1934, physicist, chemist, Nobel Prize winner … twice!


To the ‘If’s and But’s’ Apologisers

Widdershins Mask in an odd moodNEWS FLASH:

Next week I’ll be at a FREE online writers conference about indie publishing. It’s called IndieReCon – Making Indie-Publishing a Mission Possible.  It runs from 19th February to the 21st. Check out the schedule, and the list of giveaways!


One of the new features I’m introducing this year is a category called ‘Passion Play’s’. Passion Play’s are, in essence, rants. Things that get up my goat. (to mix a couple of metaphors)

I’m a laid back kind’a Libran. My boundary between what is and isn’t acceptable is a wide one. Something can encroach into my boundary, to a certain point, and I’ll debate with myself whether to challenge it or not. Once it passes over the line on this side of the boundary I will take action.

Sometimes I’ll rant … erm … spleen vent … erm … PP, about big stuff, and sometimes it’ll be about little stuff that gnaws away at me like an incipient toothache.

On to today’s PP …

The other day I took myself off into town for a cuppa and a general peruse of the main street of our town.

I do this at irregular intervals to, a – make sure I’m still occupying the same reality as most of the world around me, (a side effect of writing SF set in all sorts of otherworldly locations) and b – to observe human interactions for character fodder. I usually end up in my favourite cafe for a bracing chai latte before heading back to Widderlake and my own multi-universes.

The cafe was fairly full. A couple caught my attention. They’d chosen to sit at one of those low-table-and-overstuffed-armchair combinations that force you to speak louder than you otherwise might in order to be heard by the other person who’s at least a meter away.

These two were in trouble. An argument had ensued and they were now trying to put some pieces back together. She was a bit teary and he sounded exasperated.

At one point the entire room heard him blurt out, “I’m sorry! I apologise if I’ve hurt you, but …”

I wanted to roll up my newspaper and smack him behind the ear!

And this is why …

Every time I come across a politician, sportsperson, celebrity, etc, attempting to apologise for their behaviour, whether it be the thought-less drivel that comes out of their mouth or their actions, I cringe, waiting for the qualifier.

It’s not only the folk with a public profile who do this, it’s rife within our whole society.

There’s a huge discussion on why we as a culture, have created these qualifiers, that I’m not going to get into here. That’s not what this post is about. I do have my opinions, and if anyone’s interested, mention it in the ‘comments’ section and we can have the discussion there. I welcome all points of view, but lets keep it on topic and above the waistline, eh?


My two favourite qualifiers? ‘If’ and ‘But’.

When you apologise for something you’ve done or said, don’t start like this … “If I’ve done anything to offend and/or hurt you …”

The reality is, that if you feel the need to apologise, then by definition, and rational or not, justified or not, you have already offended and/or hurt the person you’re apologising to!

This is a sneaky back door exit strategy to avoid accepting the consequences of your behaviour.

And then there’s … “I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean… (fill in the excuse of your choice here)

Adding the ‘but I didn’t … (excuse)’ on to your apology is only about making you feel better, it’s got nothing to do with the person you’re apologising to, so don’t dump it on them, and expect them to understand, or make you feel better about your actions. That’s not their job, it’s yours. Explain later, if, when, and where it’s appropriate.


Back to the cafe scene – the young woman stopped crying and (although I had my back to them, I imagined her glaring daggers at him) stormed out. I watched her get into her car (probably hers, seeing as she had the keys) and drive off.

I left soon after and wondered if she ever returned for him or whether he’s still sitting there, trying to figure out what it was he said.


“Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight” Phyllis Diller,1917-2012, actress and comedienne