No, you should not take pictures of old ladies when they have fallen asleep on their noses.

Kittens and old cats do this.

Kittens and old cats do this.

You should, instead, pay attention to your writing and not procrastinate. You have the next episode of ‘Identical’ to edit, no?

Picking Up The Threads Of A Story

The really hard thing about restarting an existing story after an extended hiatus, is that the magic of that moment is gone. Certainly, there is magic available for the piece in this moment, but not that original magic.

As I re-read my notes for a project I’d started before my cancer surgery, the words,What was I thinking? came to mind … in genuine consternation as to what I was trying to indicate with a handful of grammatically unrelated words, and also as a rhetorical question, accompanied by, *head-desk*.


In conclusion, and tangentially … I’ve been trying to get some pics of Madame Widdercat on my new smartphone. (as opposed to the ‘dumb’ one I had before) I’ve succumbed to the ‘i’ colonisation. Not the latest iteration, nor the previous one. (or even the one before that, probably)

We recently discovered that Apple has the best cellphone coverage out here on Widder-island. Our carrier had a sale on the i4’s, so we did a two-fer deal and upgraded to the 21st century.

… anyway, Widdercat pics … our 95 year old matriarch has the longest grayest fur imaginable, which of course, makes it almost impossible to capture any sort of detail on a cellphone camera – at least for me. This is the best I’ve got to date … I call it ‘Fluffy-Gloved Iron-Claw’ or, “Stop moving the Mouse.”


“A cat can maintain a position of curled up somnolence on your knee until you are nearly upright. To the last minute she hopes your conscience will get the better of you and you will settle down again”Pam Brown, poet

 My Mouse 001