X Factors (not the TV show!)

It’s been a busy time, this healing.

Have you ever had a major illness/ accident – we’ll call it ‘X’ – and it’s taken up all your energies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to overcome? Then, when you’re at your lowest ebb, you catch a cold, or a paper cut gets infected, you stub your little toe, you suddenly experience menstrual cramps that you’d forgotten how bad they could be because you haven’t had a period for eighteen months and have no tampons or pads in the house because you never wanted to see one ever again and it’s the middle of the night and you live on an island in the middle of nowhere and your voice squeaks through at least three octaves because the swelling from your thyroid cancer surgery is still pressing on your vocal cords and sneezing hurts and the hottest of summer days have finally arrived and you hate the heat you came to Canada for the snow for goodness sake and the family at the end of your road are having a familyreunionandtherearepartiesdownbythelakeandBBQ’severywhere,


andyourcatbityoufornoreasonexceptthatshe’sveryoldandcrabby …

These things we will call ‘x’s’; the little yappy ‘x’s’ that nip at the heels of the mighty ‘X’ and really annoy it and slow down its ability to bounce back as someone (me) would like.

July 2013 is a month that I am truly glad to see the rear end of as it heads out across the lake and disappears over the horizon, never to be heard of again.

Bring on August!