Waltzing in a Widder Wonderland

We recently had our second dose of snow here on Widder Island. The Fraser River, that our lake runs into, had its own winter adventure, and so rather than do a 2013 retrospective (because by now we all know how I feel about 2013) I decided to post a few pictures of one of my favourite things … SNOW!

Have a Happy New Year everyone. I’ll see you all in 2014.

The lake froze over, small persons were skating on it, and then it snowed

The lake froze over, small persons were skating on it, and then it snowed

The main road off the island

The main road off the island

Ice floes on the Fraser River

Ice floes on the Fraser River

‘Tween Times

What a luvverly break that was. The only writing I did was to comment on blogs.

Winter Solstice – food for the Spirit. Releasing the energy of the old Year to make way for all sorts of adventures in the New. Our celebration turned out to be a bit discombobulated this year because of our party preparations, but a very Sacred time none-the-less.

 Christmas – food for the tummy, (lots of food for the tummy, perhaps a tad too much food for the tummy) and all our Widder family gathered here for the first time. Our tiny house on Widder Lake had rellies (Aussie slang for ‘relatives’) up to the lintels.

I scored some great loot – a couple of outside building projects for Spring, wool, a bit of bling for the tree, weights so I can still work out even when my knees crap out on me, $$ towards a TV (we’re tired of watching DVD’s on my 17” computer screen so we’re going to take the plunge and buy one – P.S. – we ended up buying a bigger computer monitor – much better choice!)

The calendar New Year –  is just over the horizon, but not here yet. These days between Solstice/Christmas and the new year are somewhat akin to a time out of Time, a transition from one Path that had finished it’s cycle, to another, that isn’t quite ready to manifest in this Reality.

Happy New Year everyone.

The Number 1, New Year’s resolution

I’d considered composing a delicate ditty to bring in the Year at a trot.

Wherein I would wax wisely, although just a touch derisively, about …

… resolutions … (the New Year’s kind)

… and convolutions …

… of how we fool ourselves, a lot.

But my seriousness failed me, humour assailed me, and I posted this picture instead!

Happy New Year!











“I know. I’m lazy. But I made myself a New Years resolution that I would write myself something really special. Which means I have ‘til December, right?”Catherine O’Hara