I Guest Posted …

… on Sue Vincent’s Blog, about a story I wrote whilst crossing the Prairies in 2015 … the year of our eventful trans-Canadian RV adventure.

Herewith be the LINK … hope you enjoy it.

And here’s the story of our Adventure … it loads the last post, first, for some unknowable reason, so you’ll have to scroll down to find the first one. It was quite a trip!

A Prairie storm covers the entire horizon

A Prairie storm covers the entire horizon

One of the many we encountered crossing that flat expanse.


Guest Posting and a 17th Century Science Fiction Novel!

Widdershins MaskI have a guest post today over on Sonnet O’Dell’s ‘Dusty Pages’ blog – drop by, I’ll put the kettle on and we can share a cuppa.


And now … a truly wondrous phantasmagorical find! A Science Fiction novel written and published by a woman in … wait for it … 1666. That’s (let me write these numbers out, because – supreme awesomeness) Three Hundred And Forty Seven Years Ago.

Thanks have to go to Women and WordsStevie Carroll for bringing this out into the blog-o-sphere. (well, my little corner of it)

The story is titled: ‘The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing-World’. (our fore-mothers sure knew how to craft a blistering title) by the ‘Thrice Noble Illustrious and Excellent Princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish’ (another impressive title)

Stevie’s post on Women and Words has a synopsis but if you want to read the story in its lyrical entirety, you can read it HERE.

“Here on this Figure Cast a Glance.
But so as if it were by Chance,
Your eyes not fixt, they must not Stay,
Since this like Shadowes to the Day
It only represent’s; for Still,
Her Beauty’s found beyond the Skill
Of the best Paynter, to Imbrace
These lovely Lines within her face.
View her Soul’s Picture, Judgment, witt,
Then read those Lines which Shee hath writt,
By Phancy’s Pencill drawne alone 
Which Peces but Shee, can justly owne.”


“You can make explicit certain social problems which, again, would be prejudged or not encountered at in real life, because people have set up defenses against it. Fantasy allows you to get past defenses” Elizabeth Moon, Science Fiction and Fantasy Author


The Pest Ghost and Flotsam and Jetsam

Mortal Instinct is now available in print form from wherever you usually buy your print books. My favourite being the nearest indie bookstore.

eBook purchasing information is here or click ‘Mortal Instinct’s‘ very own page.

Pest Ghost … Ah the joys of spoonerisms … I meant guest post.

Flotsam and Jetsam is, among many other things, the title of a chapter in ‘The Two Towers’ from the ‘Lord of the Rings’, where Pippin and Merry are lounging in the mid-morning sun surrounded by the very watery ruins of Isengard after Saruman really, really, annoyed the Ents.

LoTR takes the concept of a ‘boy’s own’ adventure story to majestic heights, which leads me into my first ever Pest Ghost as a published author about that very subject.

Read and enjoy on the Wardancing Pixie’s own blog. Leave a comment if you’ve a mind to. Browse around. There are some rather interesting things there.

… erm … about that archaic phrase, ‘if you’ve a mind to’ … I’m fairly certain most people have a mind. What I meant was, ‘if you would like to’, but I kinda like my original wording.

LoTR is one of my all time favourite fantasy series. In another lifetime I had a beautiful boxed set that included The Hobbit  and The Silmarillion. I do miss it, on occasions.

Someone please tell me what this piece of music is called? I know it like the back of my hand, but can I see the back of my hand? … nope!


“There’s no worse feeling than that millisecond you’re sure you are going to die after leaning your chair back a little too far” … And … “I think the freezer deserves a light as well” – by Anonymous’ cousin, Unknown