The Gas Lift Chronicles – Part 2

Part 1 … HERE

Due to a strange and inexplicable inability to work at my desk sitting in a chair that engaged in way to much familiarity with the warp and weft of my study carpet, I ordered a gas lift from It was here in three days.


My chair is now back to its usual height and we are both happier for it.

And then … 

… a week ago this finally arrived …

At least it’s the right shape and size this time

Firmly ensconced on my readjusted chair I wasn’t in any hurry to open the box so it sat on the shelf, all forlorn and abandoned.

I took pity on and attacked it with box-opening tools … and voila!

A gas lift!

Now I have a spare. One can never have too many gas lifts.

I suppose

P.S. If anyone wants to do the math, my first contact with the manufacturer of my chair was on 18th October.

P.P.S. on the other hand, if I ever want to build myself a chair I now have two of the main ingredients.

The Gas-Lift Chronicles – Part 1

This is what a gas lift looks like.

It’s the doohickey that is used to adjust an office chair to a comfortable height.

About 2 months ago the one on my chair started to lose its get-up-and-go. Every so often I’d experience this sinking feeling and after a quick check of my emotional state I realized it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my chair … so, I ignored it, until it became an almost daily experience.

Even though my chair is a few years old, it still has a few good years left so I decided to just replace the gas lift. They’re not difficult to install, the tricky part is removing the old one, but I’d done it before, I could do it again.

I checked the manufacturers website and although they listed several replacement parts I couldn’t find any information about the gas lift.

I emailed them directly. The very next day I received an email back apologizing for the lack of information and they offered to send a gas lift to me, gratis.

I was impressed. This is my kind of customer service, I thought. A problem is brought to their attention and the resolve it. No fuss, no bother, I thought.

The ‘10-12 business days’ waiting period passed, and no UPS truck graced my stoop with a package, so I waited a few more business days, (we are a bit out of the way here on Widder Island) and then emailed the very nice person at customer service …

… who wrote back that it looked like, ‘the package was lost during shipping,’ and they would make sure the package was shipped the very next day.


Today, 6 ‘business’ days later a UPS truck deposits a cardboard box on my stoop.

I open it.

I close it.

I open it again.

This is called a ‘butterfly seat plate’

I burst into raucous laughter, and valiantly try to approach my keyboard to contact that friendly neighbourhood customer service person, but I keep bursting into further gales of laughter.

I take myself outside to rake the leaves that had fallen from the Summer Tree, and three bins of leaves later I feel I have enough self-control to approach my keyboard and inform Customer Service of this latest chapter in our saga.

As my chair slowly sinks to footstool height, I await a reply.