Yesterday’s Book

Frog# Jennifer posted this … about reading the ARCs## of her soon to be published stories and asking herself,

‘What is odd, is every once in a while I stopped and said “Is that what he said?” or “Did I write that?” or “Wait.  That makes absolutely no sense.”

  … to which I commented that I also had that feeling when I read the ARC of Mortal Instinct’. (hereafter known as M.I.)

We aren’t the same writers we were a year ago, or sometimes, even a few months ago. We evolve, learn new skills, hone the one’s we’ve so painfully learned, change styles and/or genres. Our belief systems shift, life herself whacks us upside the head, we fall in/out of love, people die, time passes.

We are not the same.

The writer that I’d been while I wrote and edited (and edited, and edited) M.I. wasn’t who I was by the time I read the ARC. (and not who I am now)

I chose not to read M.I. (after it was published) until an unspecified passage of time had passed. Otherwise, all I’d see would be the imperfections my twisted and over-exposed editorial eye refused to ignore.

This weekend I was ready to read it as a story about a handful of slightly-more-than-ordinary women who embark on a series of extraordinary adventures to save the mortal realms from extinction.

Every now and then the Evil Editor rears her revisionist head, but that’s what big sticks are for!

I’m enjoying my story. It’s not the book I would’ve written today, but I’m very proud of the book I wrote yesterday.


“The clock talked loud. I threw it away, it scared me what it talked” Tillie Olsen, 1912-2007 – feminist, writer, activist.


 # Frog – Friends on Blogs

## ARC – Author Reader/Reviewer Copy – The final version of your book before it’s published. (this is the version that is sent back to the author to torture them, and out to reviewers the world over!)