Let’s Start With The Facts, M’am

(apologies to Joe Friday from Dragnet for mangling his line 🙂 )

I recently read a review/opinion piece on one of the big tentpole movies out now in which the reviewer tore open several issues the movie dodged.

They prefaced the piece by saying they hadn’t seen the movie yet and wrapped several core pieces of their argument around reviews and opinions they’d read written by other people who (presumably) had seen the movie.

Their arguments were passionate and most likely correct knowing the subject matter and Hollywood’s stance on just about anything outside of their whitebread world.

But …

I wonder how they’d feel if someone reviewed something they’d written/filmed/recorded and prefaced it by saying they hadn’t read/watched/listened to it?

Credibility. At the very least, damaged. Right there.


You want me to be moved by your passion, be motivated to think deeply about the points you’ve made, be inspired to make change?