Every so often, when I’m feeling poorly, I ask myself how the bloody hell I manage to get through the worst days  … when every sense is surrounded by a miasma of pain, every movement is weighed against how much energy it would take to overcome the physical resistance to voluntarily walking into that inferno?

When all the drugs do is push the pain away so that, although I don’t care so much, I can still feel it? … there’s no magic, (unless it’s the magic of sheer stubbornness) it’s all about the passage of time.

One minute flows into another, an hour passes, perhaps even a day or two.

The dark of the night fades and I unlock my weariness, stick my feet out from under the bedcovers, and stand up again.


Had to have a bit of a chuckle to myself at Spring Equinox … last year (2022) seemed to go on forever, (and we shan’t ever mention the preceding two, ever) but 2023 seems to be galloping along at a breathtaking rate of knots.

Is it just me?


I’d finished vacuuming, and as I was putting the infernal machine/appliance back in its cupboard I sensed an eerie presence emanating from the darkness within. A cold shiver wormed its way down my spine.

Malevolence lurked among the musty old coats and dusty boxes filled with best-forgotten memories.

I wondered, in that strange moment, suspended between washing dishes and preparing dinner,  do vacuum cleaners, in their lonely isolation between being let out to serve their creators, dream of world domination?

( apologies to Mr Philip K Dick, for taking liberties with the title of his rather intriguing story, (they’re all intriguing actually) ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’, which, incidentally, became the basis for the Blade Runner movie.


There are more and more birds flitting about, and soaring across the skies as it slowly warms up now.

It’s not ‘warm’, yet though. We’re still hitting double frozen digits of temperature at night, (and the snow is still piled up in measurable meters, all around me) and I haven’t seen the thermometer get above 5° during the day yet … but the birds have things to do and, well, t’is Spring after all.