Road Trip

On my Mad Max Furiosa Road post I hinted at big things about to manifest here on Widder Island.

Mrs Widds and I are off on another adventure. I’ve been busy with the deep end of planning things, hence my not posting that often of late.

We’ve just about got all the pieces in place. It looks something like this …

Start in the pink and end in the yellow :)

Start in the pink and end in the yellow 🙂

This is Plan ‘D’.

Plan ‘A’ included The Maritimes and was going to be a 3 month summer-stravaganza, but life happened and we adapted, and adapted, and adapted. Seeing as we’re leaving in a month, we’re both hoping there won’t be a need for a Plan ‘E’, but we’re nothing if not flexible.

We’re going to scrounge for amethysts,  do a gazillion tourist-y things at Niagara Falls, a wine tour of the ‘Wine Country’  around Niagara-on-the-lake, (love the name) hang out at a music festival with whole bunches of like-minded lasses for 6 days, and check out the dinosaur badlands in Alberta.

That’s just the planned stuff. Who knows what spontaneity will bring.

Spontaneity Smile

Spontaneity Smile

***   ***

The last pic today goes to this handsome lad. The word has obviously gone out that we are in need of cat-terventions by any neighbourhood cats who are inclined to drop by.

Iz mah 'hello' face

Iz mah ‘hello’ face