Aftershots – The Post-Cortisone Injection Update

I firmly believe that wait-times in doctors offices and/or hospital waiting rooms are specifically designed to be just a tad long er than they need to be, so that any anxiety the patient has is replaced by boredom.

However …

Young Dr ‘Butcher’, (his name is spelled differently but in the interests of protecting his anonymity we’ll stick with this) was his usual friendly self, and efficient with the local anesthetic injection and the cortisone one. In no time at all Mrs Widds and I were back outside blinking in the morning sunshine like a pair of owls.

Within a couple of hours I noticed an appreciable lessening of the stiffness in the back of my knee, and by bedtime nothing, NOTHING, hurt at all!

It’s not permanent, of course, and I still have to be careful of my knee because in spite of the absence of pain-and-agony, the damage is still there, but Heavens to Murgatriod! This feels fantastic!