Flood Evac Update – The Rosebush Is Fine

It will live to bloom another day.

We’re still under the Alert Warning, but it hasn’t rained for 24 hours, and the lake is slowly, very slowly, draining into the Fraser River. So all things being equal, we should see the Alert lifted in the next couple of days.

The last of the storm-clouds, heading east

The last of the storm-clouds, heading east

Of course, nothing is ever simple. The past two weeks of storms has created some fabulously warmer temperatures, and now that they’re gone we’re back to our usual December, on-or-about-freezing night-time temperatures, and we all know what happens to water at 0°. (Celsius, that is)

I’m not sure what my life would feel like if there wasn’t some weather phenomenon going into crisis mode around me!

Anyway, that’s enough about the weather, let’s talk about my head. Specifically the way I banged it when I fell.

Yes, folks I have a classic case of concussion, with all the fabulous completely disorienting sensations that accompany it.

I read all your comments on my previous post. Thank you, one-and-all for your good wishes. Unfortunately, writing this post is the most focusing I’ve been able to manage so I haven’t been able to reply, and I’m going to have a good lie-down as soon as I’m done here.

I’m getting plenty of rest, lots of napping, which is the best thing I can do. That, and not moving my head in any direction too fast, or even moderately slowly.

As Mr Schwarzenegger was wont to say on far too many occasions, ‘I’ll be back’, in a few more days, and my usual chipper self.

Sunset, with some clouds, but I'll take all the blue sky I can get

Sunset, with some clouds, but I’ll take all the blue sky I can get