Two Years Ago Today …

… I blogged for the first time, right here!

This is how that first post looked. (I’ve added a few bells and whistles since then) It’s a lovely little story about the possibilities of flight.

These years of being a blographer, have been a wonderful flight through the soaring updrafts, and near-earth collisions of my becoming a published author; have chronicled my move from being an urban Vancouverite to an island in the middle of Widderlake dwelling country gal; have offered me the great privilege of making some wonderful frogs. (friends on blogs)

Thank you all for being there and listening, and engaging.

While I’m in a ‘thankyou-ing’ frame of mind …

To Audrey Shaffer (of The Writers Chatroom fame) for her fabulous introductory course in how to build your author brand and platform. That was what kickstarted me into this blog in the first place.

To my wife, Mrs Widdershins, with whom (as I stated on the dedication page of Mortal Instinct) all things are possible.

The best thing though, has been finding my writerly voice. Posting something meaningful once a week (on and off) has been a challenging adventure that I wouldn’t’ve missed for quids.

Tomorrow a new cycle begins, with Episode 1 of my blogserial, Identical. I hope you enjoy the ride.


“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words” Plautus – 254-184 BC, Roman playwright.