Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

If you haven’t seen Beetlejuice yet, go forth, find it somewhere and watch it with great gusto and enjoyment … then came back here and watch this.

If you have seen Beetlejuice, put on your trashiest frock/top-hat-n-tails, get your booze and shrimp cocktails ready, annnd …

This is Gelsey’s YouTube channel¬†which also features Gelsey and her father, doing The Time Warp (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and most recently, A Spoonful of Sugar (from Mary Poppins)¬†among other fun stuff! (OK, ‘St James Infirmary’ isn’t exactly ‘fun’ but she is singing it in the shower, wearing a long black dress, and gloves, so there’s that)