Well, It’s Star Anise Time Again …

…sung to Ray Charles’ ‘Crying Time’ … because allergy season is here at Widder Lake … and the snow hasn’t even finished melting.

My allergy face

My allergy face

If you’re wondering why, ‘star anise’, look no further than this post I did about it a while back. There’s something about the ‘star’ that mitigates the nastier symptoms of allergies.

Take it away Ray …

Star anise

Star anise


‘What am I working on?’ … apart from allergies, you mean?

Last week ‘MAB’ over at The Flannel Files, tagged me on the latest round of #mywritingprocess, which I took to mean more than regaling you with tales of trying to focus on my keyboard whilst in the throes of a anti-allergy-drug-induced altered state of consciousness.

Allergies! We hates them, hates them my preciousssss.

I’ve had a bit of a dairy intolerance most of my adult life, but this is ridiculous. It’s getting so that I can sense a potential allergen a kilometer away. Given that we live in the midst of a farming belt, (wafts of eau de cow-poo float across the lake with the morning breeze) and that Spring has finally sprung (happy bees, plants, and hummingbirds) … I’m screwed!

In spite of this, I bravely soldier on.

*swoons and falls melodramatically back in writing chair, only to have it almost tip over, thereby forcing a most ridiculous flailing of limbs in order to avert a complete disaster*

With decorum now completely destroyed, (if I had any to begin with) I will now regale you with tales of my actual responses to the questions at hand.

I’m currently working on: this post, the next episode of Identical, (all things being equal it’ll go up tomorrow) and my mystery thriller set in a slightly distopian, slightly steampunky alternate reality, that started out as a short story. Pesky short stories, always wanting to grow up into novels, entire series’ even.

I’m not quite sure of what genre I write in, but if I had to categorise it to fit into an amazonian algorithm, I’d go with Science Fiction, because no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to keep SF elements out of any story. The difference is, I suppose, that it’s my very own personal brand of science fiction-ness.

I started out writing SF because I once read something so badly written that even my adolescent self knew she could do better. SF also gave me an out from a life that was most definitely not what I ordered in the waiting room before I was born. I have lesbian characters because one can never have too many lesbians in space.

My writing process is rather boring, I’m afraid. I start at the beginning, go through the middle, and end up at the end. Then I edit, and rewrite, and edit, and rewrite, and edit … (rinse and repeat) until it’s baked. My creative process is somewhat different however, in that it’s almost never the same. Sometimes it’ll be a line of dialogue that catches my attention, or a scene, or something I read, observe, or spontaneously pops into my head. I shove it into a blender, set it to ‘high’ and wait and see what survives.

There are many permutations of the above processes, but when all the glitz and glamour is stripped away that’s what’s left.

The final part of this little exercise is to ‘pay it forward’. Instead, I’m simply going to invite anyone who feels ‘in the mood’, to have a go at it.

What are you working on? How does your work differ from others in its genre? Why do you write what you do? And, how does your writing process work?