Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale

I know it was aired on Tuesday, but what with my toof and trying to get back into that dastardly rewrite, I didn’t get to watch the double header until this evening … but … it was so worth the wait.

There were so many great moments … who am I kidding? The entire show right from the beginning, (with a couple of weak episodes) has been nerd-gasm-worthy. But being a total Star Wars fan there was one moment that had me dancing on the ceiling. (not quite literally, but I did sproiiing out of my chair and squee)

Agent Coulson holograms himself to fool the bad guy, and just before the bad guy rips the holo-projector off the wall, Coulson says, “I always wanted to do this.” He bends over a little and says …

Channeling his inner Princess! :)

Channeling his inner Princess! 🙂

(Thanks to Cool Breeze for the gif)