Parse the Parcel …

… is a new category I just invented for myself. When I come upon interwebz ‘stuff’ that catches my attention I’ll store everything in a big basket on my desk then post their gloriousness here.


Parsing now


I only have two today, but they’re good ones.

First … Author Earnings has published their January 2015 Author Earnings Report. There’s a lot of data to dig into if you’ve a mind to, but for the juicy bits, check out their summary at the top of the post.

Many thanks to The Passive Voice for the hat tip … which by-the-way is a great blog with a wonderful commenter community.

Next … a bit of fun. Canadian Lesfic is having a ‘write-in’. This is from their blog – 

From January 30 to February 13, five diabolical Canadian masterminds will be writing a story together.  
What will the story be about?  We have no idea.
Except that lesbians will figure in it, pretty definitely.
Maybe maple syrup, too.
Expect laughs.  Expect action.  Expect plaid flannel.
Expect Canada.