The Original ‘Stargate’ Movie Free-to-watch

To build interest in the new webseries in the ‘Stargate’ universe, ‘Origins‘ (I know, another prequel – but it looks like fun anyway, and it’s only 10, ten- minute episodes) the original movie is playing now on YouTube.

I have no idea how long it’ll be around, so if you’ve got two free hours on a rainy evening, this might just be your cuppa tea.


… and this is the trailer for ‘Origins’



Mrs Widds and I saw Thor: Ragnarok  last night.

Cate Blanchett chewed scenery wearing a second skin of shiny black, something-or-other, (Loki is no longer the shiniest villain in town) Jeff Goldblum did Jeff Goldblum, Stan Lee’s cameos were funnier when they were shorter and he didn’t speak. The Hulk, did speak.

Many great deeds were done and buckets of blood were shed. Witty quips abounded, and every now and then a hero allowed a single tear to slide down a manly cheek.

It was magnificent.

The poster that says it all

My First, Last, and Only, Latest Star Wars Trailer


No great plot points revealed. Major characters seen in action. Misdirections that may or may not be accurate … in other words, the perfect trailer.

For the next 65 days this will sustain me. 🙂 


And because Star Wars will always miss their general …

Keeping an eye on us all

…And One More Movie Trailer

I thought about posting the new trailer for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi or for the final season of Star Wars Rebels but two things happened.

I knew that if you’re a Star Wars fan like me then you’ve probably seen ‘em (for those who aren’t I’ve linked to the trailers) … and I came across this trailer for a stunning-looking film called Atomic Blonde.

After Fury Road, I’d watch Charlize Theron read a phone book, and from what I can see of her performance here? … I’m in for this one too.


The One and Only ‘Thor Ragnarok’ Trailer I’m Going To See

In keeping with my policy to see only one trailer for any movie I’m interested in actually going to the cinema to watch, I present for your viewing pleasure, Cate Blanchett destroying Moljnir with one hand and not raising a glimmer of perspiration whilst doing so. (even Captain America only managed to move it a millimeter or so in Age of Ultron)

There’s a few superhero blokes doing superhero-y bloke-y things … and Cate Blanchett!


My Reaction the the Wonder Woman trailer


Don’t Be Boring

Q – What is the number one UNBREAKABLE rule of fight club? … erm … making art? …

A – Don’t be boring.

I’ve just finished watching ‘Freeheld’, which if you don’t already know, is about a New Jersey cop trying to get her pension paid to her domestic partner, set in those prehistoric times in the U.S. when marriage equality wasn’t a reality … oh, wait … never mind. The bad guys refuse and much ballyhoo is raised and eventually she wins, then dies.

It had so many things going for it:

A true story.

A very current and political topic.

Two great actors in the lead roles (Ellen Page and Julianne Moore) and Steve Carell as backup.


Mirabeau is … waiting for the acting to start

And it was a boring 1980’s stereotypical ‘Movie of the Week’! I don’t know what the director was thinking. Even though the dialogue was a bit cheesy, there was no chemistry between the leads. Nothing to get me emotionally hooked, not even the ‘dies of cancer in the end’ tearjerker hook.

Anyway it got me to thinking about writing and reading and what incites me in both. I distilled several lists down to one thing. Don’t be boring.

Have you every read a book that ‘s terribly written but you can’t put it down? Not boring. Or watched a movie that’s truly cringe-worthy, but you can’t stop watching? Not boring. Love it, hate it, for whatever reasons. Not boring.

So, dear authors of books, whatever your struggling with at this moment, Don’t. Be. Boring!