My First, Last, and Only, Latest Star Wars Trailer


No great plot points revealed. Major characters seen in action. Misdirections that may or may not be accurate … in other words, the perfect trailer.

For the next 65 days this will sustain me. 🙂 


And because Star Wars will always miss their general …

Keeping an eye on us all


…And One More Movie Trailer

I thought about posting the new trailer for Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi or for the final season of Star Wars Rebels but two things happened.

I knew that if you’re a Star Wars fan like me then you’ve probably seen ‘em (for those who aren’t I’ve linked to the trailers) … and I came across this trailer for a stunning-looking film called Atomic Blonde.

After Fury Road, I’d watch Charlize Theron read a phone book, and from what I can see of her performance here? … I’m in for this one too.


The One and Only ‘Thor Ragnarok’ Trailer I’m Going To See

In keeping with my policy to see only one trailer for any movie I’m interested in actually going to the cinema to watch, I present for your viewing pleasure, Cate Blanchett destroying Moljnir with one hand and not raising a glimmer of perspiration whilst doing so. (even Captain America only managed to move it a millimeter or so in Age of Ultron)

There’s a few superhero blokes doing superhero-y bloke-y things … and Cate Blanchett!


My Reaction the the Wonder Woman trailer


Don’t Be Boring

Q – What is the number one UNBREAKABLE rule of fight club? … erm … making art? …

A – Don’t be boring.

I’ve just finished watching ‘Freeheld’, which if you don’t already know, is about a New Jersey cop trying to get her pension paid to her domestic partner, set in those prehistoric times in the U.S. when marriage equality wasn’t a reality … oh, wait … never mind. The bad guys refuse and much ballyhoo is raised and eventually she wins, then dies.

It had so many things going for it:

A true story.

A very current and political topic.

Two great actors in the lead roles (Ellen Page and Julianne Moore) and Steve Carell as backup.


Mirabeau is … waiting for the acting to start

And it was a boring 1980’s stereotypical ‘Movie of the Week’! I don’t know what the director was thinking. Even though the dialogue was a bit cheesy, there was no chemistry between the leads. Nothing to get me emotionally hooked, not even the ‘dies of cancer in the end’ tearjerker hook.

Anyway it got me to thinking about writing and reading and what incites me in both. I distilled several lists down to one thing. Don’t be boring.

Have you every read a book that ‘s terribly written but you can’t put it down? Not boring. Or watched a movie that’s truly cringe-worthy, but you can’t stop watching? Not boring. Love it, hate it, for whatever reasons. Not boring.

So, dear authors of books, whatever your struggling with at this moment, Don’t. Be. Boring!

If Ever I Win An Academy Award …

… for the movie adaptation of one of my stories I’ll act surprised, yet quietly confident I would’ve been the winner all along. I’ll thank Mrs Widds, and producers and cast, (Emily Blunt, Zoe Saldana, Helen Mirren, Ming-Na Wen, Ellen Page) all sorts of other people, and then I’ll thank the makers of Bejeweled Twist.

Twistin' the night away with Scrivener

Twistin’ the night away with Scrivener

When I’m deep in the think-y parts of a story, which is the bit after the initial adrenalin rush of getting that first idea down on e-paper, I need to write a few sentences then pause, find the right word or the right science-y fact, then write some more. In that pause, staring at the debris on my desk just stalls the process. I need to have something not too taxing to occupy one bit of my brain so the other can problem solve.

Enter the Twist!

It’s not time sensitive so I can blather about and a single level will last me for hours (minutes) It doesn’t take up the whole screen so its easy to minimize and get back to work

And, Mirabeau approves!

I approve of this computer game, and wool

I approve of this computer game, and wool

Confession time. I’ve watched Live, Die, Repeat, or as it was (stupidly) released as, Edge of Tomorrow, at least four times, just to tastefully admire Emily Blunt’s rather magnificent body.

S’alright, Mrs Widds and I have a “you-can-look-but-don’t-touch’ policy.

The movie is excellent too if you’re interested in military SF that breathes new life into the Groundhog Day meme. Tom Cruise (the other lesser known lead, heh) is at his best when he does action stuff, but Emily steals the show for me.


Transcendence: WTF!!!

But first …

Cute Coco the Visiting Cat …

My healing purrrrrrs are healing.

My healing purrrrrrs are healing.

… and a P. S. to the Mrs Widds breaks her foot post:

Moral of the story #3: Inform immediate family of accident BEFORE publishing a blog post about it.


This isn’t probably going to make sense unless you’ve seen the movie. Never-the-less, and apart from plot holes a mile wide and scienc-y stuff ‘Fringe’ would’ve been proud of …

Lemme see …

“Mumble, mumble, something, something, sacred human emotions.”

“Mumble, mumble, something, something, discerning the difference between right and wrong.”

“Mumble, mumble, something, something, beware science gone wild.”

Last night I was kinda frustrated with my writing and decided to catch up on my list of movies I missed this summer. I rolled the dice and came up Transcendence. (technically it was released last year, but I was planning to watch it this summer) It’s an OK movie but within the first five minutes I knew how it was going to play out.

* Grimy (yet idealistic) terrorists blow up computers, because, ‘puters bad, mud on face good’. Collective connected intelligence bad, the ‘Individual’, good. (repeat after me, “We are all individuals.” – Monty Python’s ‘The Life of Brian’ reference)

* Plucky scientist almost makes the Singularity go global but is betrayed by a loved one who then dies, (of course) but before tragically expiring, convinces the scientist to repent his evil technological ways and upload a computer virus (via blood-to-blood nano-EMP, of course) to reduce the entire world to a pre-electronic/distopic wasteland, in order to stop people being cured of cancer and bringing sight to the blind!!!!!

I’m serious.

To unpack a few things – first the right/wrong thing. You know how us highly (and not-so-highly) evolved apes figure out right and wrong? We’re taught it, by our caregivers, our society, our history. (which makes dinnertable conversations about such things rather ‘fascinating’) If you write a computer program that has those things in it then guess what? The program can discern between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. And if it ever does achieve true self-awareness/sentience then hopefully you did your job and gave it the right ‘upbringing’.

Next – Ye goode olde human emotions. Without a rational mind to co-ordinate those emotions, to work in tandem with them, then all you have is self-destructive chaos. Wonderful for emotive speechifying and artistic tension, but not much else.

And the out-of-control technology? I’ve got news for you Pandora, that little bundle of knowledge has been out of the bag for a few millennia, starting with the first pointy stick one of our simian ancestors used to lure some tasty ants out of their nest.

The digital age has brought us as a species together, connected, far more than it’s driven us apart, mainstream media’s hysterical sound-byte headlines notwithstanding. Unless someone does figure out how to deliver a global EMP (or the Sun does it for us) we’re only going to become more connected. We’re a tribe. (we always were, and we probably always will be) With all our glorious technicolour differences, we’re still a tribe, figuring out how to get our little blue ball of a planet from one end of the cosmos to the other.

* Oh and the ending? The grime-raddled terrorists fail to completely quell the scientist’s experiments, because somewhere, (in the midst of an overgrown deserted mid-city ruin) a tiny sunflower blooms.

So, they ruined the world and they failed anyway! They then nod sagaciously as the world goes to hell in a handbasket and say it was for the best. Seriously? !!!

Ya gotta love it.

It was however, OK for Mark Watney in The Martian (which I loved, by-the-way) to, “science the shit outta this” because it was ‘good’ technology.


I get that Hollywood thinks it’s making ‘cutting edge’ social commentary, but it’s not really, it’s maintaining a stereotype that is so insidious it convinces us that there’s something worthwhile to be gained by creating a culture of fear of science ‘in the wrong hands’, and stifles science and scientific breakthroughs that move us forward as a species. (and therefore rendering the ‘grimy-yet-idealistic terrorists extinct)

I’m not a dewy-eyed idealist. I know there are some real shitheads out there, who for whatever distorted reasoning want to hurt, everything. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want science fiction to step up and show me a future that isn’t distopian. (‘The Martian’ did it rather well, I thought)

I want it as a trend. I want it for consecutive years, hell, even a decade or two. Long enough for the next generation of creators and creatrixes to have that mindset as their baseline, their default, when they think about their next piece of art.

The single glowing Eye of Cat is upon future Creators and Creatrixes

The single glowing Eye of Cat is upon future Creators and Creatrixes