Have you ever … A Lesson in Gastronomy …

… licked your fingertip and picked the crumbs off your plate because 1 – you’re an adult now and you just can and 2 – you know that the crumbs of what you just ate contain the distilled essence of all that is good and fine in the world?

Nah, me neither.

Shortbread - shorts, or breads, or cookies?

Shortbread – shorts, or breads, or cookies?

Ginger Snaps ... before and after

Ginger Snaps … before and after

Mrs Widds cuts the mincemeat with apple - means you can have more than one, even if you're not doing quality control

Mrs Widds cuts the mincemeat with apple – means you can have more than one, even if you’re not doing quality control

AllysNotebook Ginger Ale fruitcake recipe - still warm from the oven

AllysNotebook Ginger Ale fruitcake recipe – still warm from the oven

Have You Ever … Gets Weird …

Time is weird

Time is weird

… been busy minding your own business when suddenly whatever it is you’re doing feels like it’s a déjà vu moment from your past but you remember it happening in a dream so it’s really a forward déjà vu moment because it actually hasn’t happened yet and so you start spinning your wheels about the meaning of time and you feel like you have a new understanding of time-travel and maybe you could use it in a story so you open Scrivener but another program you’ve been waiting to update finally finishes and your computer needs to do a restart and you automatically click on the restart button and the fleeting time-travel idea you just had has now disappeared but you think you might find it at some point in the future because a déjà vu and time-travel are the same thing?

Nah. Me Neither


It was either this or the Time Warp song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this song after I accidentally started watching a spooky horror movie called Fallen, in which this song features heavily …(I usually avoid horror movies like the plague but this one had Denzel Washington in it so I thought it might be … interesting – it was

Have You Ever … Encore Presentation …

A sad and sorry sight

A sad and sorry sight

… dropped a can of WD-40 and accidentally knocked the nozzle off while you were working on a winterizing project in the back yard and even though you looked everywhere for the little bugger you couldn’t find it so you carried on without it for the next couple of hours then went inside with your spouse for bracing cups of tea (Widds) and coffee (Mrs Widds) while you got your evening meal together and then as you were kicking back in your armchair sipping your beverage you looked down and saw the nozzle in the cuff of your track pants?

Nah, me neither … but Mrs Widds did!!!

The dastardly disappearing nozzle

The dastardly disappearing nozzle

Have You Ever … Again …

Continuing the theme I began with the ‘pants on backwards’, I bring episode II of …

Have you ever …

… tried to turn off a light switch, and because you’re all excited about a thought you had when you were in the bathroom and you were buzzing by at a thousand kilometers an hour to reach your desk to write it down before you forgot it because you actually did forget the notebook you always keep in the bathroom, and you keep on missing the switch over and over again until you literally can’t hit the damn thing no matter how hard you try and you start laughing so hard you almost pee yourself even though you just left the bathroom and you still can’t turn the switch off?

Nah, me neither.


(I can’t believe I actually came across a video of someone turning off a light switch. You can find anything on YouTube if you look hard enough, and slightly concerning is the fact that finding this one didn’t take me all that long at all)

P.S. Wonder of wonders, after all that I did remember what my thought was!

Have you ever …

… been so tired that you put your pants (trousers) on backwards and didn’t even notice until you were at Costco and tried to put you hand in your pocket to get your handkerchief and couldn’t find your pocket?

Nah, me neither!