A Last ‘Fuck You’, From 2021: Bon Voyage, Betty White

It would’ve been her 100th Birth Day on the 17th of January 2022. She was going to have a giant party. We were all invited, screened live, and everything. Now it will be a wake.

Fare the well bold Voyager, wherever you roam next. May you leave them rolling in the isles, and begging for more.

Bon Voyage, Diana Rigg

Ah, Diana, no-one wore a cat-suit like ‘Emma Peel’. You will be missed.

No idea who took this fabulous photo, but whoever you were, thank you

No idea who took this fabulous photo, but whoever you were, thank you

And The Sad Keeps Coming – Bon Voyage, Sir Ian Holm

Bon Voyage, Dame Vera Lynn

May we all meet again, some sunny day.


‘Of all the nasty human traits we’ve acquired over the centuries that Covid-19 has uncovered, self-entitlement is at the top of the rancid pile.’ … written by me, as a comment on a post by Luther Siler, wherein he has a wonderful rant about self-entitlement.

Each and every one of us, as we try and negotiate our way forward in a world which has changed forever, has a story about encountering arrogant idiots like the one in Luther’s post, who refuse to acknowledge that they are not the center of everyone else’s universe. (not that they ever were, except in their own delusions, but that’s another story)

Funny thing is, and what probably freaks them right out is that for every one of them, there are hundreds, thousands, of others who are holding the line.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got better things to do with my time and energy, (apart from a few swear-words and dirty looks, and occasional pointed comments in the direction of afore-mentioned idiots) like listening to the perfect song for these times we live within …

Bon Voyage, Little Richard – wherever you are, keep on rockin’ …

Bon Voyage Rutger Hauer

“Time to die.”

Bon Voyage, Doris Day

Bon Voyage, Carol Channing

The woman with one of the most distinctive voices on Broadway, television, and film.

97 is a damn fine innings.

Wherever she is now, I suspect she’s getting a standing ovation. Break a leg, Carol.

Bon Voyage, Penny Marshall

Happy Days, the TV show, was a catalyst for so many great careers. Penny’s was one of them.

She will be missed.

Bon Voyage, Carrie Fisher

Of all the artists who have died this year this is the hardest.

I’m still going with, ‘fuck you 2016’ …

If nothing else, perhaps 2016’s message for us all is that if we desire to make art, in whatever shape or form, then make it now. If we want to become something more than we are today, then get our feet on that path now.

Waiting for tomorrow, for the ‘right moment’, for someone else to give us ‘permission’, only means we have one day less to accomplish our dream.

Perform that play.

Carve that statue.

Start that business.

Write that book.

Enter that race.

Sing that song.


Is this the face of someone you want to disappoint?