Bon Voyage, Margot Kidder

Hey Margot, say hello to Christopher for us …

From the Toronto Sun files

She was the best movie Lois Lane, ever. No-one since has come close to how well she embodied the essence of that full-on, flat-out Lois Lane energy. 

You will be missed.


Bon Voyage Stephen Hawking

Thank you for sharing your mind with us, for a lot longer than any of us expected. You will be missed.

My first ‘Bon Voyage’ for 2018 – Ursula K. Le Guin

Bon Voyage, Ursula. You will be missed.

Bon Voyage, Erin Moran

I think Tom Bosley will be out there somewhere, waiting to give her a hug.

Bon Voyage Mary Tyler Moore

Many words will be written, but the thing I remember most is her comedic timing. She was brilliant.

See ya later kiddo

See ya later kiddo

Bon Voyage, Debbie Reynolds

Heart. Broken. Again.

Heart. Broken. Again.

The first time I saw Debbie …

Bon Voyage Carrie

Of all the artists who have died this year this is the hardest.

I’m still going with, ‘fuck you 2016’ …

If nothing else, perhaps 2016’s message for us all is that if we desire to make art, in whatever shape or form, then make it now. If we want to become something more than we are today, then get our feet on that path now.

Waiting for tomorrow, for the ‘right moment’, for someone else to give us ‘permission’, only means we have one day less to accomplish our dream.

Perform that play.

Carve that statue.

Start that business.

Write that book.

Enter that race.

Sing that song.


Is this the face of someone you want to disappoint?