Bon Voyage, Stan Lee

No more goofy cameo appearances in Marvel Superhero movies.

May they have a great art studio for you, Stan, wherever you end up.


Bon Voyage, Aretha Franklin

There are going to be words all over the interwebz, but her music … ahh, her music … speaks for itself …

Aretha and Annie Lennox

Bon Voyage, Margot Kidder

Hey Margot, say hello to Christopher for us …

From the Toronto Sun files

She was the best movie Lois Lane, ever. No-one since has come close to how well she embodied the essence of that full-on, flat-out Lois Lane energy. 

You will be missed.

Bon Voyage Stephen Hawking

Thank you for sharing your mind with us, for a lot longer than any of us expected. You will be missed.

My first ‘Bon Voyage’ for 2018 – Ursula K. Le Guin

Bon Voyage, Ursula. You will be missed.

Bon Voyage, Erin Moran

I think Tom Bosley will be out there somewhere, waiting to give her a hug.

Bon Voyage Mary Tyler Moore

Many words will be written, but the thing I remember most is her comedic timing. She was brilliant.

See ya later kiddo

See ya later kiddo