Bon Voyage, Doris Day


Bon Voyage Mary Oliver

You may not know her, but she was one of the good ‘uns. She will be missed.


Bon Voyage, Carol Channing

The woman with one of the most distinctive voices on Broadway, television, and film.

97 is a damn fine innings.

Wherever she is now, I suspect she’s getting a standing ovation. Break a leg, Carol.

Bon Voyage, Penny Marshall

Happy Days, the TV show, was a catalyst for so many great careers. Penny’s was one of them.

She will be missed.

Bon Voyage, Stan Lee

No more goofy cameo appearances in Marvel Superhero movies.

May they have a great art studio for you, Stan, wherever you end up.

Bon Voyage, Aretha Franklin

There are going to be words all over the interwebz, but her music … ahh, her music … speaks for itself …

Aretha and Annie Lennox

Bon Voyage, Margot Kidder

Hey Margot, say hello to Christopher for us …

From the Toronto Sun files

She was the best movie Lois Lane, ever. No-one since has come close to how well she embodied the essence of that full-on, flat-out Lois Lane energy. 

You will be missed.

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