This is a picture of someone taking a picture of a picture of an embryo.

Really, really, really, small human being

When this little peanut hatches in the not-too-distant future she will be our GREAT-grand-daughter.

And, there will be five generations of her lineage alive on the planet at the same time.

I think that’s some kind of wonderful!


Patreon Screws The Pooch … (and Some Alternatives)

… and  it ain’t pretty.

This is from The Verge

This Gizmodo’s take on it.

Do an interwebz search on ‘Patreon’ and you’ll see what I mean.

This will have varying effects, which I’m not going to get into, for content creators and the people who support them, suffice it to say that if you’re using this model as an income stream it might be time to investigate other possibilities.

In my sojourn I came across a few of those alternatives. I want to be clear here though, I haven’t gone into any depth with any of them, but have provided links in case you want to. Just click on the name and the link should take you to their home pages.





Way To Go, Australia

The 24th country in the world where marriage equality is for everyone.

Couldn’t be prouder 🙂

That’s all three of the countries I’ve lived in! I’m sensing a pattern here.

Fuck you, 2016 – You Can’t have her too!

NO! ...

NO! …



Got a candle on the altar for you, Carrie.

October is ‘Powered By Indie’ at Amazon

Thanks to The Passive Voice, which is an indie writer site very well worth checking out, I discovered that Amazon is showcasing a whole bunch of indie books in all sorts of categories for the month of October.

Go here to check it out … Powered by Indie

So, I checked it out and decided to do a little digging. I opened up the Romance category, which is a genre I only have a vague familiarity with, but much to my surprise, the majority of the cover art features beefcake, all by himself. (scroll down past the ‘featured’ sections to the actual listings and you’ll see what I mean)

Well, colour me gobsmacked, I thought to myself. One would think there’d be a female form divine somewhere in the picture, but no.

I then checked out the standard Romance category and it appears there’s a whole bunch of covers with NO bodies, beefcake-y or otherwise on the covers, and loads more with just a woman (I assume the female half of the ‘romance’) with her back to the fourth wall, or at best looking coyly over her shoulder at us. Odd, I thought to myself.

Have any Romance readers noticed this as well?

P.S. I could only find it at Amazon (dot) com

Inquiring Minds wish to know

Inquiring Minds wish to know

Free SF/F eBooks Today and Tomorrow (1st and 2nd Oct) Only

Go HERE, now!

… or Badass, the Maine Coon will get you

It's mah name. You gotta problem with that?

It’s mah name. You gotta problem with that?

Pic by Robert Sijka … go check out s’more … resistance is futile … there are kittens …

The Saga is Done

I am now officially an ‘unpublished author’!

I posted a while back about renegotiating a new contract with the company that took over from Mortal Instinct’s original publisher, here, and here.

The contract was about as good as I could make it, so I sent it off to the publisher and waited for feedback … or an email saying they got it … or something …

I was busy with the re-write (Author Preferred Edition) so I didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that nothing was happening.

Six months later … You know how sometimes you just ‘know’ something? The other day I just ‘knew, this window the Universe had been holding open for me, had closed. I wasn’t going to wait any more, so I contacted them and said, ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

Emails were exchanged dotting the ‘T’s’ and crossing the ‘I’s’, and as soon as I have confirmation my book has been pulled from the distributors, I’ll be a free agent.

Unless I get an offer of a gazillion dollar contract I won’t be going with a traditional publisher again. It might be the bee’s knees for some people, but not for me.

So, what’s next? … edit the re-write, edit, and edit, etc, get some decent cover art, and then publish.

… and the serialised story I started here on my blog, ‘Identical’ is waiting in the winds, as is my ‘Lesbians in Spaaaace’ series … there’s also …

I’m going to go into my bedroom now and have a quiet little FREAK OUT!!!, and then get back to writing.