The Idiocy Of Daylight Saving Might Just End (but don’t hold your breath)

Earlier this year our province (British Columbia, Canada) sent out an online survey with a few questions regarding whether to ‘fall back/spring forward’, or not.

The whole ‘daylight savings’ thing is a bit nonsensical really. No daylight is ‘saved’ nor spent, it’s just that us humans have the opportunity to call the exact same 24 hours in a day, (23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds, actually) by different names and adjust our behaviours accordingly.

It was originally touted by, captains of industry who wanted to squeeze more work out of their employees, certain lads who wanted more ‘daylight’ to enjoy that final round of golf before retiring to the clubhouse for tiffin, and some bloke who got into a snit because he discovered the hoi polloi of London were indulging in summer siestas. (this is me, paraphrasing what Wikipedia has to say)

It was not to be borne, I tell you! … something Had To Be Done!

And ‘done’ it was. Sad to say it was done here in Canada first. Not on my side of the Rockies I hasten to add, but in Ontario in 1908.

During the Great (and Horrible) War, a whole lot more countries imbibed, but most of them unimbibed soon after the leaders of the participating countries finally decided enough damage had been done and signed the Armistice.

Some countries, and states/provinces within countries, around the world did not.

Time Zone Map on Wikipedia by TimeZonesBoy - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Light grey – used to but don’t anymore Dark grey – never did … Time Zone Map on Wikipedia by TimeZonesBoy – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

So, back to our survey … first of all, nearly 12 times the usual number of people responded, that tells you something right there … and 93% of us want to do away with daylight savings. (as reported by CBC)

Our glorious leader (Premier John Horgan) will now go forth and, ‘… make a final decision about how to move forward …’ (emphasis mine)

Seems kinda obvious to me, but what do I know, I’m not a politician.


Proof Of Concept

I came across this on Elfcat’s blog, Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess, this morning … thought I’d share …

‘A reasoned arsenalization’

Seriously, France? You’re planning to put machine guns and laser weapons on your new satellites by 2030, and you’re calling it ‘reasoned arsenalization’? You know, just in case any of those uppity ‘foreign’ satellites start to invade.

According to an article today, on, this insanity is actually a thing. A thing that is obviously in ‘response’ to the US plans to create a ‘Space Force’ of its very own. (not that anyone would ever admit that, of course)

Given the ‘civilized’ nature of the modern human, I suppose it was inevitable, but calling it ‘reasoned arsenalization’ is just apathetic. Where’s the zealous acronymization of M.A.D. I ask you?

M.A.D. stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. One of the many insanities to come out of the ‘cold war’ between the US and the Soviet Union.

Please note: sarcasm mode has been engaged for most of this post.

It’s ‘Lucas’ Time Again!!!

Overshoot Day on the Eve of Lughnasadh/Lammas

Overshoot day: The date by which we’ve consumed more resources in a calendar year than the Earth can regenerate. This year it’s 29th July, on the eve of Lughnasadh. (seen as the beginning of Autumn/Fall in the Celtic, and other, spiritual traditions)

Here’s a little graph to put it into perspective … 

 I find it interesting, or perhaps ironic, that Lughnasadh is known as a harvest celebration … we certainly are harvesting what we’ve sown.

(If you’re interested in how Lughnasadh/Lammas fits into the grand scheme of things, click HERE for my post on the Wheel of the Year on my Shaman blog)


One final thought about the ‘save the planet’ catchphrase. It’s not our job to save her. She doesn’t need saving, and not from the likes of us. She got along without us very well in the past and She’ll get along without us very well in the future. It’s ourselves we have to save.


Bon Voyage Rutger Hauer

“Time to die.”

It’s all perfect, and it’s all terrible, and it’s alright

Some thoughts on Life, and Death, and how they’re so intimately connected … from a man called Tim, who lives in Ireland and recently lost his son.