I’ve finally made it through my backlog of emails … and come across something rather special and unexpected.

Financially speaking, we are doing this on a shoestring. Even our shoestrings have shoestrings, and some of you have very wonderfully contacted me and offered to help ease the shoestring shortfall.

We’ve talked it over and decided to accept these true-hearted gifts.

So, if anyone wants to, it can go through my paypal account. The email address to use is … widdershinsfirst (at) gmail (dot) com.

All amounts large or small, one-offs or regular sendings, will be received with love and spent wisely.

Now, on with the Adventure …

First an ‘around-the-world’ video of the mountains surrounding us.

This one’s for Meeks … Just a bit of a look at where we’re staying at the moment.

But it does get a bit chilly after sunset, or if the sun disappears behind the sort of lowering clouds that love to hang around mountain peaks, and we had a bit of drama the other night. Apparently there was a late-night problem with the water, and the campground hosts disconnected the water from all the RV’s on our bit of the watermain.

The essentials, water, electricity, and drainage ... and dandelions

The essentials, water, electricity, and drainage … and dandelions

We didn’t hear a thing but as I went to do that first flush of the morning, as one does … oops no water.

After a hurried perusal, we discovered the disconnected hose and the ice therein.

Almost June and it's cold enough to freeze the pipes at night

Almost June and it’s cold enough to freeze the pipes at night

We had a lovely chat with the campground owner, (** waves to ‘P’**) who informed us that because all the other Seasons have been hiding behind Winter for far too long, the snowpack is about 150% more than it usually is. The rain that falls here is snow a hundred meters or so higher up. It makes for some very dramatic panoramas.

That grey mass of cloud came down from those heights in a matter of minutes

That grey mass of cloud came down from those heights in a matter of minutes

We are as snug as can be in our little be-wheeled home. Teas and coffees are being sipped and a soup is in the slow-cooker. All is well in our world. I hope it is in yours too.


26 comments on “Shoestrings

  1. Ian Hutson says:

    May your snuggery factor VU Meters remain in the green!

    There’s a fair few HaRVys on that site. I keep forgetting what month it be. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Good to see you are going well

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  3. I think I could put up with anything for all that peace and space! Speaking of money, we wish we could help, but as pensioners, we barely manage as it is…

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    • Widdershins says:

      We’re doing the pension thing too. We’ve been too busy healing and resting to see about generating some other income, but we’re beginning to feel a bit like our old selves, energy-wise, so we have mediumly high hopes for the coming weeks. πŸ™‚ … your kind thoughts and wonderful enthusiasm for our Adventure are more than enough to help keep us going. πŸ™‚

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  4. Lee McAulay says:

    Hurrah! Snow! It’ll do you good in the long run, you know that. Have you reached the Arctic yet?

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  5. Wonderful to wake up and see mountains and more fun than climbing Everest! Great to see you on your way.

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  6. acflory says:

    Thanks for the video, Widds. -hugs- I was gobsmacked by how dense the trees are around the camping area. Is that natural growth in Canada – like gums would be here? Or are those plantations? Oh and one more question: how the heck did you make the turning of the camera so smooth?

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    • Widdershins says:

      You’re welcome, m’dear … hugs back atcha. πŸ™‚ … this is what the trees look like here naturally. A splendiferous mix of deciduous and evergreens. They’re especially stunning here in ‘alpine country’. πŸ˜€ … not old-growth though.
      Most of the areas humans inhabit have been harvested a few times over,
      In an act of breathtaking blindness, most of the ‘off the beaten track’ areas were replanted with pine trees, which grew fast and produced the right sort of lumber. (whatever that is – probably smooth grain and few knots) But then, Mother Nature, as is her wont, decided She’d had enough of these silly forestry shenanigans and imported the pine beetle, and lo-and-behold, tens of thousands of acres of monocultured forest died … and then it got hot, and hotter, and all that dead wood contributes to the most deadly wildfires (that’s what they call bushfires here) ever. 😦
      Silly humans.
      As for the smooth turning of the camera? I pivoted on the heel of one foot, mostly holding my breath! πŸ˜€

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      • acflory says:

        Meh…plantation timber is probably better than cutting down old growth forests, but as you say, any monoculture is inherently a disaster. I remember back in 2006, pine plantations butting onto Canberra went up in flames and almost took a few suburbs with them. You’d think these people would have a couple of brains to rub together, but no. Silly humans, indeed.
        lmao – ok now I really am impressed. No way could I film a circle that smoothly. Keep ’em coming. :d


  7. Sandra Walsh says:

    Can you add a PayPal donation button to this site? We have one on ours … May make it it simpler for folks to donate funds.

    Sounds and looks divine.

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  8. What a view. Makes me shiver though. Glad you hear you’re snug in your be-wheeled home.

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  10. […] Glorious, because I could see snow-capped mountains everywhere I looked, and cold, how cold? One morning we discovered that our β€˜city water’ hose had frozen overnight. […]


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