2022 Here We Come!

I’m back in the swing of it all, with my shiny new, curved, 32″ monitor.

These things have to be seen in action to be believed. The actual curve of the monitor took some getting used to, just because it’s visually unfamiliar, but once I did .. wow!

What a difference it makes to the far left and right of any images/print/video I’m looking at. I don’t have anywhere near the same feeling of eyestrain that I did with my flat screen … and this thing is 12cm (5″ bigger!)… sheer decadent indulgence, for the price of an average indulgence … I’m a happy camper!

This picture really doesn't do it justice, but you get the, ahem, picture. :)

This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but you get the, ahem, picture. πŸ™‚

I still haven’t been able to find an adaptor for my old monitor at a price I’m prepared to pay, to even be able to find out whether the problem was with the adaptor or the monitor. So, for now Old Faithful is back in her box, and off to the storage unit she will go.

I had wanted to do a couple of posts videos and pictures about the wave after wave, after wave, of snowstorms followed by rain/ice storms we’ve had recently, but it seems that the modern world refuses to even to speak to my old computer which runs on Windows 7 … c’est la vie.

So I decided I’d just post a few of my favourite photos from the bunch of ’em … and unless something impressive happens, I’ll keep the rain/snow/mud slushiness currently surrounding us to meself.

I hope 2022 has been kind to you thus far, but I also hope you’ve got your seatbelt fastened … just in case.

Mrs Widds Vs the mountain

Mrs Widds Vs the mountain

-15C, not counting the wind-chill, and I'm  widds-cicle

-15C, not counting the wind-chill, and I’m widds-cicleΒ Β 

Ice-crystals on the INSIDE of the window

Ice-crystals on the INSIDE of the window

45 cm of snow, and our poor long-suffering pontoon is iced in

45 cm of snow, and our poor long-suffering pontoon is iced in

The other end of the lake - through the truck window

The other end of the lake – through the truck window

Ice floes on the Fraser River

Ice floes on the Fraser River

57 comments on “2022 Here We Come!

  1. Steve Tanham says:

    Amazing photos! Such snow. Trade you for our fog…

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  2. Steve Tanham says:

    Lovely photos! Trade you for our fog!

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  3. Those pictures are brilliant!


  4. Ian Hutson says:

    Alien to Human: ‘Your species is entirely dependent on H2O, where do you get it all from?’

    Human to Alien: ‘Oh, it just drops from the sky on a random basis and lies about in puddles.’

    Alien to Human: ‘One more flippant remark like that and I am going to use my ray gun. I ask again – where do you get your essential supplies of water from? And no more of this “oh it just falls out of the clouds rubbish”…’ [Takes safety catch off Ray Gun]

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  5. Love your screen, I didn’t even know curved screens were a thing! Happy 2022

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  6. Wonderful pictures. We have a telly screen like that, but not a computer. It is amazing to watch

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  7. Carmen says:

    Sure is gorgeous where you live!

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  8. Love seeing photos of snow. That’s a great screen ❀️

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  9. quiall says:

    That was the snow of my childhood! That’s how winters were when I was young. Now they are gray, brown and green. And I am so not complaining!

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  10. The world has gone mad. It’s 4Β°C here in sunny California right now. Good thing I haven’t been out of the building in weeks due to omicron, but this is ridiculous. We left New Jersey to avoid cold!

    My monitor isn’t quite as big as yours, and isn’t curved, but it’s amazing to have such a ginormous screen compared to the laptop. Enjoy!

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  11. You’ll be upsetting all those Flat Earthier’s!

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  12. Kate Duff says:

    Photos are great – looks very cold though

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  13. cagedunn says:

    Well, here’s the warm-up: In Adelaide, Australia, yesterday was 40C, and today is 38C. We’re wearing almost nothing when necessary, nothing at other times.

    Your pictures were cooling, and I put them in front of the fan.

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  14. Gorgeous pictures (even though living with that snow is no picnic!) We’re getting yet another atmospheric river right now. Our snow is just a lingering memory.

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  15. bone&silver says:

    Ice crystals ON THE INSIDE!
    Wow, that’s cold πŸ₯Ά
    Fab photos, thank you for sharing πŸ™πŸΌ

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  16. TanGental says:

    My monitor is so old it curved the other way. The words cathode rays come to mind…

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  17. Nice monitor and great pictures. I purchased a curved television and it’s the best investment I have ever made, simply stunning. Have a great day.

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  18. acflory says:

    Wow…just wow, Widds!?! Those pics are incredible, especially the ice crystals inside, and the ice flows. I mean, I know you love snow and all that, and I know Canada is big on snow, but is this even close to normal?
    Oh and I’m drooling over your new monitor. I’m imagining myself playing one of my games on it…. -cough-
    Btw what is the pic featured /on/ the monitor? It looks like a combination mansion and hobbit house rolled into one.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. alisendopf says:

    Happy 2022 to you! Way to go on getting on it! Your new monitor looks amazing. For the ice on the inside of your windows, do you have single or double paned glass? I’ve not seen ice build up inside like that. Very curious.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I love that screen! How cool. And it looks soooo cold. Brrr. Stay warm. πŸ™‚

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