Dodging Bullets

Migraine update – My brain is finally operating completely within my skull and no further galaxies have been busted.

I’ve been trying to finish this post for a few days now, but each time I think I’ve reached the end, another bullet whizzes past my ear, with that characteristic z-zip-p-p sound that a high velocity projectile makes when it doesn’t hit you.

Living through this climate crisis, the one thing you do above all else is dodge bullets.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but we’ve had a bit of rain here recently. If you do an internet search for ‘Fraser Valley BC flood’, you’ll see what I mean. Also …

Currently all four road and rail routes connecting us to the rest of BC are sporting gaping wounds and are out of commission for the foreseeable future. The only way out is to swim or fly.

I took this next video at the height of the deluge, standing on our front stoop as a river of water burbles its merry way along our footpath. At this point it’s about 10cm deep at one end and 5cm at the other …

Looks pretty doesn’t it, all that water filtering down through the grass/moss lawn.

Another torrent of water ran down the side of the house and ended up here …

But for all that water, (and it just kept on coming for hours, and hours) our little cottage remained high and dry, as are we.

The lake too filled, and filled, and filled, and two days later when the clouds had almost cleared, we pootled down to take a look …

See that pontoon out there? It usually rests on the lakeshore. The old-timers here tell us that the water’s never been this high before.

This is where I shot that video from

This is where I shot that video from

There are fuel and food shortfalls, (not quite ‘shortages’, yet) farmland devastated, farm animals barely rescued in time, or drowned, livelihoods destroyed, towns inundated with floodwaters, and mass evacuations.

The houses on the low-lying areas of our island are under a meter of water.

Thankfully, nothing ‘gushes’ on a lake, so no washouts, or eroding of banks, and the bridge on and off the island is still firmly where it ought to be. In that, we dodged a bullet.

Gasoline is being rationed until the end of the month. (no roads, no deliveries) Because we rotate through two 20L gas cans on a regular basis, and there’s really nowhere to drive to because of all the road closures, that’s another bullet (temporarily) dodged.

Our Province, only just emerging from fifteen months of a Covid-19 State of Emergency, has now declared another one to deal with the scope of this disaster.

From my, admittedly not entirely objective viewpoint at the moment, the last eighteen months seem as though every disaster movie has come home to roost.

I’m not feeling completely doom-y and gloom-y. There is good in the world, and everyday people have been working like Trojans from one end of the current devastation here in the Fraser Valley to the other. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Who knows, once the dust clears, in a handful of decades, these global crises, for those who survive them, might just be the making of us as a species … maybe.


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  1. Kate Duff says:

    That’s a tonne of rain Widds. Keep your snorkel handy.

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  2. Yes we did hear about your floods – a few items down after Covid etc . Glad you are dry and thanks to the internet not cut off from the rest of the world, but that is certainly dramatic. Makes being shut in one’s home because of Covid nothing compared with actually losing one’s home under water.

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  3. On the migraine issue … have you talked to your doctor about Botox? I’ve been getting Botox injections for almost ten years now. They’re really a game-changer. Every three months, I get around thirty-six Botox shots in my head, neck, shoulders … it really helps. I still get migraines but not as often (they start coming back in the second & third month) & they’re never as bad as they would be without the Botox.

    If you have an issue with needles, this might not work with you but I’ve never had that issue. The shots feel like pin pricks & afterward, it feels like you’ve been stung by a bunch of bees, but that wears off in a few hours. To live without days of migraine pain, I say it’s worth it.

    As for the rain … my backyard is a swamp.


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    • Widdershins says:

      This one was unusual in that it was a single migraine that went on for three days. When this has happened before it’s been because of a cluster.
      Did a bit of reading about Botox. I don’t think I have the migraines often enough to warrant the treatment, but I’ll keep it in mind if the little buggers start ganging up on me.
      Our backyard’s a swamp from October to April, usually. right now it’s particularly swampy though. πŸ™‚


  4. Praying that things will improve. Glad you migraine has finally gone πŸ™

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  5. I will stop complaining about my little problems forthwith. Wow. Hope you and Mrs. Widds are as cool about this as you sound – I wouldn’t be. So glad we moved – New Jersey has had some epic flooding this year, too, and I’m losing my capacity to help myself, much less help other people, anyway.

    It is so hard not to be able to help in person.

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    • Widdershins says:

      We have our own little freak-outs, but having most of our ducks in a row, as far as being prepared, and disaster-proofing with resources and equipment, etc, we’re able to bounce back pretty well.
      There’s another ‘atmospheric river’ slated to come through the area tomorrow-ish, so hopefully enough water has had enough time to drain away… interesting times, eh?


      • Right now California has gotten much-needed rain – but the Pacific Northwest has gotten flooded. These are rarer events, obviously, because the humans living in these places are not prepared for them – don’t have the structures built. I’m glad we have the water, but not happy at the amount that is hitting you.

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  6. when you dodge those bullets… it Matrix style or Eastwood style?

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  7. May you continue to dodge all the bullets that come your way.
    Stay dry!

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  8. TanGental says:

    So mother nature , having burnt your arses off last spring has now decided to douse you with a biblical deluge that even Noah might say was a bit toppy. What is it with the old gal? Sounds like she’s a bit peri menopausal at the moment. At least any potential plague of Jehovahs knocking on the door is postponed by the lack of roads. Keep taking the positives, one big grin four times a day!!

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  9. Ian Hutson says:

    Egads, ma’am, but you’re surrounded. Just needs that foreign Mount St Helens to go off during a breeze blowing north and the continent’s happiness will be complete. Apparently Scotland had two earthquakes this past week; several teacups were rattled and Sturgeon’s bicycle fell over outside Holyrood House. If anmybody wants me I’ll be on the canals of Mars. Keep safe and, if you can’t be good, get the first shot in before anyone realises what’s happening.

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  10. Wow to the pontoon!

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  11. Thank goodness you don’t have the migraine to attend to along with all those bullets – and that you are safe and dry

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  12. Ellen Hawley says:

    I’m glad to know you’re above the waterline. Take care.

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  13. acflory says:

    Gawd…I’m so glad the two of you are okay. The level of water by your back door step [?] looked just about ready to come inside. You have dodged a bullet. I hope there aren’t too many more. -hugs-

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  14. katey26 says:

    So much water! Glad to hear you’re okay, but it sounds like a challenging time regardless.
    On another note, I just wanted to say, I’m enjoying your book very much. I’m taking my time over it ☺

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