3 Bits And A Piece

I had my first vaccine last week with no nasty side effects, only a sore arm for a few days and feeling a bit seedy but that was it. Mrs Widds had hers two weeks before that so we’re good to go on that front until our second shots in a couple of months.

We’re still taking all the same precautions when we go out into the world, of course. Only the willfully ignorant-by-choice believe that this pandemic is in any way shape or form, over.


We’ve hit a bit of a plateau with our packing stuff into storage plan. Although we’re nibbling away at it, we’ve acknowledged that we may not be able to do a permanent move this year.

It’s a fine balance between leaving everything until the last minute and having far too many ‘oh shit!’ moments, and getting everything into storage and living out of boxes and sitting on the floor. (OK, that last bit was an exaggeration, but you get the picture)

Although we can live a minimalist lifestyle for a few months, the prospect of another year without certain items, that are already in storage, isn’t attractive. So, as usual, we’ll see.


Editing is coming along swimmingly. I feel a bit like Data in the movie Star Trek: Generations, when I sit down to work on another chapter, of which there currently are, thirty-nine.

Speaking of Data …


23 comments on “3 Bits And A Piece

  1. I think you mean in a couple of weeks, not months – but other than that, I’m so happy for you both. It does remove a lot of stress.

    As for packing – I will never have to do it again. That’s weird. If I move to a higher level of care, someone else will do it all. I just have to take the complete copy of Pride’s Children with me (that’s what I planned for – my final room and very limited space.

    Gotta keep working on it.

    Good luck with the editing – and that was so cute!

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    • Widdershins says:

      I’m in Canada 🙂 … the current timetable is 8-10 weeks, depending on supplies. Our province wants to get everyone their first shot at least, although there is some overlap happening already, so it might be sooner.

      I was always fond of Data’s little personality quirks. 😀


  2. I do hope there’s not too much shit flying about

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  3. quiall says:

    Data’s song made me laugh! The perfect way to start the day. I love the looks on the faces of the rest of the cast!

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  4. Hehe… Glad the editing is going well. I just re-watched that Star Trek this past weekend. Too funny!

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  5. I can imagine that having a portion of the household boxed and in storage for too long would be kind of difficult. But moving before you’re ready isn’t easy either. Either way, good luck with the writing!

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  6. acflory says:

    A tricky balance, Widds. Glad the editing is going well though. That’ll keep you sane, or maybe drive you insane. lol

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  7. This pandemic ain’t going to be over for years at best! Too many people rowing in the other direction!
    I got my Moderna a few weeks ago too. Tofino had a mass vaccination! Hopefully only the ignorant will get sick now!

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  8. I sometimes think that the willfully ignorant will be the death of us all.

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  9. We know about those “oh shit” things. Have more that we would like.

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