I like 3am. The world is quiet at this time of the morning … at least my little longitudinal slice of it is … only for me it’s still night.

I can think.

I can expand into the existing spaces around me and not bump into daywalkers. They’re just like sleepwalkers only it’s more of a metaphysical thing.

It’s also perfectly acceptable for writers to babble on at this time because we’re an odd lot and wont to do such things. Be it to clear the fog, seduce the Muse, or entertain the possibility that this story, this piece of our heart, might just be the One.

Come on all you writers out there, fess up, isn’t there a tiny part of you that hopes so too?

Mind you, we’d probably fall over in a dead faint if such at thing actually did happen.

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, extoling the virtues of being awake at three-o-clock in the morning.

It’s such a perfect moment.

2am, and the party-goers are still roaming the streets (hopefully be-masked) looking for taxi’s to share, and hurried assignations to be comsummated.

4am, and the longitudinal world is stirring, bladders are emptying, alarms are readying themselves for the abuse that’s sure to be hurtled at them when they go off.

I’m going to stand on the dew-laden grass in my bare feet, and gaze at the sodium-yellow glow of the town across the way reflected off the gathering clouds. It’s going to rain, I can feel it, and if I time it right the very first raindrop will fall on my upturned face.

Then I’ll go inside and finish my tea.

I wish each of you one such perfect moment.

(as usual, all the images here are either my own or from the wonderful world of Clip Art)


23 comments on “3am

  1. quiall says:

    I have great memories of being awake in the wee hours of the day and listening to the silence. A proper cup of tea and it was a perfect moment.

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  2. I like my 7 – 8 sleep, and don’t go out when it’s dark . I am still getting used to being on my own. 😊

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  3. Ian Hutson says:

    Favourite time? Well, I was quite fond of 4 I suppose. 4 was a good year, a pleasant summer, and my mission was still fresh. 1066 wasn’t bad, overall. I liked most of 1990 too.

    You can keep 2020/21 as far as I am concerned though.

    It’s all still very early as far as the planet is concerned. Hardly tiffin yet.

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  4. Kate Duff says:

    Love 3am too. There is no rush or haste and the silence is a physical thing that hugs the weary soul whispering “everything is going to be fine” and at 3am that is believable – because everything is possible at 3am.

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  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yeeeeeeesssss……. 🙂

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  6. acflory says:

    A beautiful moment, Widds. I can no longer stay awake that long but…I do remember. It’s a magical time of night when anything feels possible. Maybe this time, it will be The One. -hugs-

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  7. I don’t much like 3 a.m. – that ‘s usually when my bladder wakes me for a pee

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    • Widdershins says:

      It’s a habit I’ve gotten into lately – the being awake, not the peeing, well yeah, the peeing too, 😀 – but I do need to shift back to something a little more in tune with the time the sun is on your side of the world, especially now the days are getting longer and dawn is a lot closer to 3am than she is in the Winter. 🙂

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  8. Your muse was definitely at play that morning. A beautiful post.

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  9. “Be it to clear the fog, seduce the Muse, or entertain the possibility that this story, this piece of our heart, might just be the One.”- I confess, yes I do hope!

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