Having My Head Examined – Part 1

So, you know that 10-day trailer holiday we just had? … well, I came home to a way too long list of friends who were at the very dire end of cancer diagnoses. This, as you might’ve guessed was firmly in the ‘not fun’ category of ‘things to learn immediately after one returns home from holidays’.

However, this sort of thing gets one to contemplating Mortality and the Universe, and Everything … especially when one has a CT scan scheduled a mere ten days later.

Migraines and vertigo do not friendly bedfellows make, and my GP and I, (said in a very proper British accent) … my GP and I, had decided that an elimination process was in order, so off to hospital I headed last Saturday (10th) for a CT scan of my noggin.

I’d like to think the inside of my brain looks something like this …

An Owl-ish laser-like focus

An Owl-ish laser-like focus

… but it probably looks like this …

Demented flea, on speed

Demented flea, on speed

… back to my story …

The last time I had a scan of a part of my body, a mere ultrasound of my shoulder, I ended up discovering I had cancer. (in my case, thanks to that non-related shoulder scan, my cancer was caught early, surgically removed, and with a hefty dose of radiation, never-no-more was see  again)

That series of fortuitous events, combined with my friend’s recent dire news got me to wondering … in just a little hyperactive (and somewhat hypochondriac-al) part of my mind … what else, completely unrelated to those migraine/vertigo bedfellows, my CT scan might reveal.

After restraining the urge to roll my eyes, I tried to calm that wee bit of my psyche down by telling it that all the scan will show is what’s already there, or not there, as the case may be … which didn’t help … so we overindulged in Mrs Widds absolutely most fabulous pumpkin pie … which did.

So, my friends, in these times of momentous (some good, some not-so-good, and some terrible) changes, when all else fails to soothe the savage psyche, eat pumpkin pie.


If there was something serious I would’ve heard from my GP by now so I’m not too concerned.


As always the images I use are my own, or are clipart, are otherwise attributed, or are artist unknown. These ones are ‘artist unknown’.

45 comments on “Having My Head Examined – Part 1

  1. jenanita01 says:

    We sincerely hope they found nothing untoward in your noggin, Widds… been enough bad news this year to last us all a lifetime!
    You know something, we have never had any pumpkin pie!

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  2. I hope no news is good news.

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  3. Sue Vincent says:

    I haven’t had pumpkin pie in years….

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  4. cagedunn says:

    Should I cross my toes? It’s as far from the head part as I can get …
    Here’s hoping the noggin internals are a flea-hopper’s nest, and no more than that (unless it’s a slightly inebriated flea-hopper, that is).

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  5. Ian Hutson says:

    Last time that I gad a brain scan it was all done by post. I sent my head in, they scanned it and sent it back. It was all very efficient and the whole process took no more than three or four weeks. The only inconvenience was that for those four weeks I couldn’t wear a neck-tie and my flat cap looked very silly indeed.

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  6. Dessert is always the right answer. Eat more pie!

    Hope all turns out well.

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  7. Labrys says:

    Life is short, definitely dessert first! I, too, have scans ahead to detect whether or not something is cancerous. So it goes, the lottery of Life and Death.

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    • Widdershins says:

      And like all forms of gambling you lose in the end, but I’m determined to keep on winning for as long as possible : ) … let me know how it goes with your scans, eh? … all digits crossed for you.

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  8. Kate Duff says:

    I hope you will be okay Widds – I’m sure the GP would have gotten back to you if you weren’t. Go the pumpkin pie, I’ve never eaten it but it sounds yummy. Keep your chin up 😊💕sending you some good vibes, it’s all I’ve got I’m afraid.

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  9. rangewriter says:

    Well I certainly hope that your surmise is correct. Waiting for results is no fun. I’m sorry to hear about the ill winds that have blown your friends’ ways. Sounds like a pocket of toxic air for sure. I will be waiting to hear the follow up to your scan….

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  10. If ever there was a time to wish for an empty noggin, this might be it. I understand the dilemma: I’d like to have some answer for my migraines/vertigo vs I hope they don’t see anything. Hoping for the best of all outcomes.

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  11. TanGental says:

    I’m hoping that they found something brainish, maybe a few cogs and wheels, a cocktail bar or two, maybe a small free jukebox and dance floor, a comfy sofa…

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  12. Suzanne says:

    I hope everything is fine with the scan. Things like that are so stressful.

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  13. Olga Godim says:

    Good luck with your scan. Hopefully, it doesn’t show anything truly scary.

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  14. inese says:

    Fingers crossed. Best of luck with your scan!

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  15. Thinking and drumming (on my table) positive vibes for you, Widds.

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  16. Hope everything comes back clear. I have always fancied Punpkin Pie and I really should try it one day.

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  17. If you’re anywhere near my age, caution doesn’t hurt at all. I hope all is well and you can easily solve the migraines and vertigo.

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