A Perfect Ten – 2013

Continuing my countdown to my blog’s 10th Anniversary on 27th September this year, I’m revisiting what I posted on or around that date each year.

Today we land precisely on the 27th of September 2013, wherein I bemoan my fate at losing the threads of a story I began the previous year which suffered from cancerous interruptous.

I had thyroid cancer. In July of 2013 I had surgery to remove my entire thyroid. (and thereafter had radiation therapy to destroy the rest of those nasty little immortal cells – they can be killed, they just refuse to die on their own – who escaped the scalpel)

So, by the end of September I was starting to feel like I could pick up the threads of my life again.

But, after such a momentous interlude the pieces of my life were scattered hither, thither and yon. (the irony of currently searching hither, thither, and you, for bits and pieces of my dreams and plans here in 2020 is not lost on me either)

Back then, it was a bit of an excruciating joust between my brain, exhaustion, my computer, and the very sparse notes I’d made prior to my interlude.

Today, I’m jousting with drills and wood-stain, and hammers and foam underlay, screws and staple-guns, as I work on finishing up the renovations to our travel trailer that we started … hmm … probably they had their genesis after our 2015 cross-Canada trip.

Storage and ventilation and paneling, oh my!

Storage and ventilation and paneling, oh my!

We’re planning on having a bit of a holiday (more like a Retreat for me, really) at a campground not far away from here, in the very, very near future – hence my jousting to get everything, if not finished, then at least travel-worthy and livable.

I’m looking at it as a trial run for next year, when we really get going with our plans.

Covid-19 may have cost us a year, (which at our age feels a whole lot more important than it might’ve when we were in the first few decades of our lives) but I’ll be damned if it costs us more than that.

The world, most of the world, has a handle on how to live with this virus now, (we certainly do) and within this new paradigm, barring the Unforeseen, we’ll be able to move ahead with a new-and-improved version of our Dream.

Dream Machine

Dream Machine


17 comments on “A Perfect Ten – 2013

  1. Kate Duff says:

    I’m loving these revisions as I feel like I’m getting to know you on a deeper level. Thyroid cancer what a bastard of a disease! Well done Widds well done – keep hammering and drilling and nice van ❤️

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    • Widdershins says:

      I can’t remember if we knew each other when I was writing ‘Prelude’ and posting each chapter as I went, but my life is pretty-well laid out there. : D
      That was the last project that needed to be finished before we head out on our wee trip later this month, having the rest finished (probably not) will be a bonus. Otherwise I’ll get ’em done when we come back.

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      • Kate Duff says:

        I’ll have to go rifling back there at some stage Widds only so many hours in the day and I fill them all out – just deal with what’s in front of me these days which was why it was lovely to read this one of yours and get some extra layers.

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  2. cagedunn says:

    Nice digs.
    Bad thyroid. It’s a shocker on the brain with chemo, so maybe the story needs a new sparking idea, a run on words, or a hidden shelf in the drawer.

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  3. I think 2020 has been a huge wakeup call for all of us.

    I hope something good comes of the lessons learned, because the burdens have not been fairly distributed.

    Hope you get your trip – I remember how hard it was for you two to decide you couldn’t go.

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  4. TanGental says:

    I’m in awe of any whose relationship with wood is opposite of mine. It is, to me a devil substance so well done

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  5. I am, of course, pleased you came through.

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  6. acflory says:

    So impressed that you’re doing the renovations yourself! I also understand the cancer thing. I had a partial thyroidectomy about 30 years ago. It was benign but I still remember the fear. When I had a real bout with cancer it was another part of my anatomy, and I had radiation treatment too.

    The one good thing about having a health scare is that it gives you a heightened sense of time passing. We get one chance at this and we better not waste it. I hope your trial run goes smoothly and that the big trip is everything you hope it will be. -huge hugs-

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    • Widdershins says:

      Everything’s running smoothly so far … we’re heading off in the middle of the week so packing is happening as we speak. I still have one more ‘build’ to do, which hopefully will happen tomorrow (Monday) if the wildfire smoke from the fires in the U.S. blows away, or at least eases up, as it’s forecast to do. Right now it’s so thick the sun is barely visible.

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  7. […] finished the last of the renovations (that I mentioned in my ‘2013’ post) to our travel-trailer a few hours ago, and we’ve been packing and putting things in […]

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