A Perfect Ten – 2017

Previous years, HERE.

Because the 27th of September falls so near by Birth Day (30th Sept) I’ve noticed a trend of the nearby posts being variations on that theme. Who’da’thunk! … and while those are important to me, I’ve chosen to skip along to the nearest post that isn’t about my Birth Day.

Case in point, this one, on the 1st October 2017, in which we build our garden shed.

Storage has always been a premium here on Widder Island, because as I mentioned in the 2017 post we have a large farmhouse’s worth of equipment stored in a little two-bedroom cottage … and moreso now that we’ve shifted our ‘Wunder-Luster’ gears to focus on finding our ‘forever’ home and then travelling in our trusty travel trailer, rather than the other way around as we initially planned. Thank you Convid-19.

I’ve often thought throughout my three-score years (mostly during the second one-score of ’em anyway) that the fact that I didn’t have, nor need, many possessions to be a mark of independence.

Given my upbringing, it’s not surprising I felt that way. Permanence and security, safety and trust, were illusions that were inherently dangerous to my young self. It was best to carry as little with me as possible … a survival strategy that made for a quick getaway, when and if necessary.

But, that kind of ‘independence’ relied on the stability of a whole lot of social conditions which are no longer secure (if they ever were) Thank you, again, Covid-19

However, in order to live my life the way I yearned to do, (Mrs Widds too, by-the-way. That’s one of the reasons we get on so well together) which was to live sustainably and comfortably, it would require the gathering of certain possessions. Tools and equipment to be precise.

Since we’ve been on Widder Island (8 years, at last tally) we’ve been accumulating what we needed, when things came on sale, or good quality 2nd-hand or thrift-store purchases.

By the time September 2017 came around we just didn’t have enough room for storage and live our lives at the same time.

Hence the shed.

By the end of 2019 we were ready, finally.

2020 was going to be our year … we were going to put almost everything in storage, hitch up our travel trailer and head ย off into the wild blue yonder. … and, recording it on our Wunder-Lusters YouTube channel, we would seek out strange and wonderful new places, meet all sorts of strange and wonderful new people, and if we came across our ‘forever home’ that was all the better … well, we all know how that turned out don’t we? … for everyone.

T’was a bitter pill. One that I still joust with on occasionsย … but then what’s life without a few jousts?

I don’t know when we’ll get there now. I’d like to think we will, but, there’s a giant gap between then and now. It’s funny isn’t it? I thought this series would be a bit of a celebration of my ten years blogging on WordPress.

Going back in time is enabling me to clarify going forward … which isn’t a bad thing at all.


24 comments on “A Perfect Ten – 2017

  1. Going backwards with a view to going forward is always clarifying. Iโ€™m enjoying these posts of yours and catching up with who you were before you became who you are.

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  2. quiall says:

    I still look forward to your jaunt in the hopes you will pass by this way. Even if you don’t, I am intrigued. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sue Vincent says:

    I am still looking forward to sharing your travels when the world allows us that freedom again ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. A vaccine will come. We will be able to restart many things, including travel.

    Be patient. Be of good cheer. Use the time to organize and dejunk – and you will be ready.

    I’m using mine to write, but finding the stress and the body limit my ability to do so. So I just move with the current, write when the brain clicks on, live – and don’t go out.

    Stress is the mind-killer.

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  5. TanGental says:

    A shed! Such a statement. Keep filling it with ideas and hopes and you never know… one day it may be so full you’ll just have to empty it and chase those thoughts wherever they might lead.

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  6. Jay says:

    It will come.

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  7. The other day I wondered why we celebrate anniversaries of 5 and 10 year increments. Why not a prime number increment like 11? Has 3 years already gone by? My memory is still fresh of reading about it being built.

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    • Widdershins says:

      Probably because we have ten fingers (including thumbs) and ten toes, five on each limb. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yep, three years ๐Ÿ™‚ … it feels like forever and yesterday at the same time! … Time is weird!


  8. acflory says:

    It feels as if life’s on hold and the future is uncertain. Which is all true, but something I realised not that long ago, the future is always uncertain. We just think we’ve beaten it into submission. Maybe, a big maybe, there’s a kind fate out there and it’s ruined the trip because your forever home is coming up, and you have to be here to find it. Sometimes, good things really do happen. -hugs-

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  9. tidalscribe says:

    Just going to a shop would be an adventure now!

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