A Note To A Bank

To:Β  The’Let’s Think Of How Many Ways We Can Screw Over Our Customers During A Pandemic’, Department.

Re: The changes you’re implementing to your credit card ‘Terms of Service’, wherein you are going to add the unpaid interest charge to the account balance, resulting in charging ‘interest on unpaid interest’. (which began in March 2020, just when the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were being felt – wot a coincidence, eh?)

Also, your intention to raise interest rates if the cardholder misses their minimum payment twice within 12 consecutive months, rather than the current practice of 2 missed payments in a row. (beginning in June 2020, just when the financial impacts of the ‘shutdowns’ around the world are heavily impacting the personal finances of … well, just about everyone – wot another coincidence, eh?)

What this means is that if anyone who is unable to make the appropriate payments to their credit card (and remember folks we’re in the midst of a pandemic where literally millions of people have lost their jobs/reduced income/etc) then those nasty defaulters will be suitably penalized, because hey, even multi-billion dollar corporations are hurting just as much as the little fella, amirite?

And just to round out this trilogy of ‘business as usual’ horror-fest, is the wonderful news that you are now offering Extended insurance to under your ‘Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection’ … which I’m sure will only cost the cardholder a small monthly fee to add to the many already supporting the spectacular, and I’m sure, ‘value-added’ services you offer.

Here’s the thing, Dear Bank, it’s not your money … let me say that again slowly … It’s … not … your … money. All you are, if all the bullshit is stripped away, is a replacement for the sock full of money stuffed under the mattress. Everything you’ve built for yourself out of that basic premise is has been founded on the principle of greed and venality.

Yours sincerely, The Person The Money Really Belongs To.


Funny how the bigger a company/corporation/service provider/business/institution is, the less willing they are to remember, and remain true to, where they came from.

So to each and every one them who has made the choice to put profits before people, (and I’m not talking about the idiocy of shooting yourself in the foot so you can give your shoes to someone else who’s walking barefoot – metaphorically speaking. ie people who are barely getting by anyway) let me ask you this, do you think you are immortal?

Our world is a closed system after all, and limits will be reached. Do you believe that ‘things’ will ‘return to normal’? Do you think we will not remember each and every one of you in the years and decades to come?

This time is a defining moment in the social evolution of our species.

Choose you way forward wisely.


20 comments on “A Note To A Bank

  1. They must think customers are not too bright. I agree with you on having a long memory. Banks are nothing without customers.

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  2. Adele Marie says:

    Well said. I am seriously considering the old money in the sock. At least I’d know it was only me hoarding the money and not the banks who use it for goddess knows what. xxx

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  3. Not remembering where they came from. Now who does that remind me of?

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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    Hear, hear! Corporate elites seem to think ordinary people are either only fit to be profit centres or are othewise wholly dispensable. If you are not yielding enough of the former then you surely deserve the latter. And the last thing banks seem to want is to bear the cost of providing a service.

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  5. Sue Vincent says:

    Well said.
    If I had any money, it would go in the sock.

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  6. I think it is a defining time too and it’s exciting and a little scary to be part of it. Ethics and humanity will be scrutinised more heavily in all business – more so than in the past.

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  7. catdownunder says:

    Did you mention “bank”? it is a four letter word!

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  8. Yvonne Heidt says:

    Oh, we have some stories too! S. checked our balance and on the same day as payday – stimulus check day deposit. But the day before a check was written and they’ve always honored them – charged us – but honored them. The BANK decided to drop 300 dollars in our acct – to “help” us – without our permission. Their help ended up costing us about $700. extra when all is said and done and I hate them because my wife did one of those payday loan thingy’s you can never catch up on. ooooh. I’m mad all over again!

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  9. They don’t want to remember where they came from.

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