A Perfect Ten – 2019

Here we go … as I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing a review of all my posts that published on or around the 27th of September going back over the last ten years.

Turns out I wasn’t very prolific last year and the closest to the date was this bit of absolute (video) cyootness, and what was probably the first of a string of ‘Have you ever’s’.

Here is the original … and because the link’s still live, I’m going to repost the video.

Having a bit of a read of other posts around this date, I see that I was focused on getting The Wunder-Lusters underway, and how we would be able to balance traveling in our little trailer and not lose our sense of personal space, that both of us value very highly. Underneath it all was the urgency to respond to the ongoing and ever-growing environmental crisis.

Alas, the vulnerabilities that the measures we’ve undertaken to keep ourselves safe in these first stages of the Covid-19 pandemic made it very clear, very quickly that our grand adventure was no more.

I have friends who are full-time Rv’ers, who’ve had to scramble for places to stay and wait out the shut-downs. Their stress-loads are terrible.

After much discussion, Mrs Widds and I agreed that to travel full-time without a home-base, even if it’s a bit of land that we can park our trailer on, would be the heart of folly now.

The fallout from this pandemic, both personal and global is literally unimaginable. no-one can imagine it, because there is no history to base such imaginings on. (the world was very different one hundred years ago during the last truly global pandemic so although there are similarities to be drawn on, they cannot, in any real sense be compared)

So, for the time being, here we will stay, on our little island in the middle of a lake. When our corner of the world opens up again, when there is a viable antibody test, when vaccines have been tested and not found wanting, then we shall see what we shall see.


19 comments on “A Perfect Ten – 2019

  1. jenanita01 says:

    The whole world is waiting to see if we have a future, never mind what kind…
    If nothing else, we might just learn to be grateful for surviving, although that day is a way off yet…

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  2. quiall says:

    Knowing what to do, how to proceed is so important. Having control over your little slice of the world is precious. Stay well!

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  3. Sensible thoughts with a bit of fun to go back to.


  4. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Good decision, sounds like. Hang in.
    In the meantime….the kitten….
    Hilarious. Now, THAT’S tired! LOL

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  5. Suzanne says:

    Like you I spent some time considering whether to hit the road and travel indefinitely a while ago. I was thinking of going in 2021 but even that feels like the height of folly. Like you I know people who are scrambling to find places to stay. It must be incredibly stressful.
    It’s strange how things turned round so quickly and now the safest thing to do is stay put. My little house, that I longed to get out of, is now my sanctuary – even though, with winter approaching – it’s more than a little chilly and the bathroom is still the size of a postage stamp.
    The future feels so uncertain now. I wonder what you’ll post on the 27th of September 2020? Maybe by then the scientists will further along in their quest for a cure to the virus. I hope so!

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  6. I just hope that we aren’t heading down the path that takes us to what we see in dystopian movies. Shudder.

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